55mm 2.8 Micro-Nikkor - its nice!

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  1. I'd like to share some shots taken with this lens. This is my first MF prime, and I bought it used together with its matching PK-13 extension tube. Shot wide open, it is easily the sharpest lens in my meagre stable of lenses, and it is very difficult for me to get accurate focus wide open. Stopped down to just F4 & F5.6 it is unbelievably sharp.
    I took it out for a run at Cleland Wildlife Park on Monday, and took some shots with my D200 and SB600. Here's some shots:
  2. Wide open, the bokeh is very creamy. I wish my tele lenses would be so smooth :( handheld, no flash.
  3. I also tried, for the first time in my life, 1:1 macro with the PK-13 extension tube. I've never shot true 1:1 before, and I can now appreciate how difficult it is to get sharp, non blurry shots, whilst at the same time fighting for maximum DOF and lighting! This image was taken with the SB600 in wireless mode placed on camera left.
  4. The following shot has a story. I was doing some 1:1 shot of tiny flowers, and I was sitting down on the ground, with my SB600 off shoe filling in the shadows. I then heard a rustle a few meters to my right, and saw this potoroo (I think!) foraging. I quietly slipped out my packet of feed (velcro is NOT quiet...) and put some on the ground. Somehow, it came over and started to feed. I moved very slowly, and put the Sb600 to the left of the critter, then I brought up the D200 equipped with the 55mm slowly, and started to focus. I took a few shots, and happened to catch this one (not my best though; that's being giclee printed right now), with the shadows on the left properly filled in, and a lovely catchlight. I stopped down to 5.6 for more DOF, and that seemed to do the trick.
  5. question, how do you set up wireless flash with the SB600 and a manual lens? Do you use the ocamera flash as well in this mode?
  6. Hi Carey!
    question, how do you set up wireless flash with the SB600 and a manual lens?
    There is a custom function to allow the built-in D200 flash to act in commander mode. I then set the custom function on the flash to be wireless, and it worked :)
    Do you use the ocamera flash as well in this mode?
    Yes I do! Unless I need to shoot wirelessly in Auto FP mode, else I will shoot with the onboard flash. Using the onboard flash seems to lock my shutter speed to 1/250 unless I shut off the onboard flash's contribution.
  7. Alvin: I love the shots but am curious as to why the legend "Fujifilm" is evident on the border of each picture where film ID is normally seen?
  8. As Jim said, why the large format sheet film border on your pictures? I have the same lens and while being my sharpest, it has oil on the blades and needs service.
  9. The pictures are quite interesting, but the film border on a D200 image tests credibility.
  10. Why such skepticism, is it no allowed to have a film border on a digital image?
  11. If the 55/2.8 Micro has not had a CLA in the last 10 years, it will eventually get oil on the diaphram blades and stick. It costs less than $100 to have it fixed at Nikon (or Nikon Authorized Service), and the new grease doesn't separate and migrate.
    The 55 is a relatively simple lens, with the front element deeply recessed. It is very resistant to flare, and yields excellent contrast when shooting outside with backlighting. I don't leave home without it.
  12. That dingo photo is AMAZING!
  13. After buying my Nikon D700, I could once again love my 55mm f2.8 Micro-Nikkor.


    Nikon D700, Nikon 55mm f2.8 Micro-Nikkor, ISO 400 1/125 at f22
  14. Hey guys! I use a plugin called "Matty Pro" (http://nexi.com/172) and it comes with a very nice provia frame. I prefer it to a stock standard black frame thats all :)
    @Peter: Thanks mate!
  15. Oh yeah, I just got mine today and tested it out with my D700. I wanted to use this lens on the Panasonic G1. That's why I bought it. Now I am not sure because it is so nice and sharp at full frame.
  16. Ok, I just tested it in my G1 and it is definitely a good combination.
  17. This is what the combination looks like.
  18. riz


    Just want to know how would this lens on be my Nikon D60? I read here in PN that it will be 75mm in my dSLR body.
  19. Rizwan.
    The focal length does not change. The effective field of view becomes about 82.5 on a 55mm lens (multiplier is 1.5X). If that is confusing, it is explained here. http://digital-photography-school.com/crop-factor-explained
    And this lens will NOT autofocus and it will NOT meter on your D60. I think we explained that to you in your other thread. So you'll be focusing yourself and totally guessing at exposure. Do you want to do this?
    Is that helpful?
  20. riz


    Thanks again Peter. Yes your response helped me in understanding the crop factor and thanks for the link. Frankly speaking, I like manual focus more so I am not bothered about autofocusing issue.
    I am considering 55mm 2.8 Micor-Nikkor as a general purpose lens that I could carry most of the time. And as its a prime so it must be reasonably sharp with lot better optic quality.
    I hope I am able to convey my thoughts :)

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