550ex or quantum x2d for wedding

Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by arthur_bunda|1, Mar 24, 2004.

  1. i'm using eos1n and have new eos3. need advise what the best flash
    for my eos bodies to be used mostly in weddings. i will also venture
    to digital by 4months.
  2. If you are planning to migrate to digital soon, be absolutely sure to get a flash with E-TTL capability. Your film bodies may not require E-TTL but digital does.
  3. This has always been somewhat of a hot button around here. For what it's worth, I use an EOS3 with 3 550EX and ST-E2. I have never had a problem with power, portability or compatibility. I can easily switch from E-TTL/FEL to manual override very quickly.

    I considered getting the Sigma version of the 550, but decided against it as I prefer to have the assurance that I won't run into compatibility issues when I upgrade to digital soon (planning on 1D m2 in the Fall)or later in the future. You never know what Canon might have up their sleeves to get people to buy their products.
  4. The 550EX is the only flash which is fully compatible with the EOS 3. Any other flash is a compromise.

    Happy shooting ,
  5. I have both mated to a 1Ds and prefer the Quantum. For film I would not have an issue with the 550EX but digital changes the equation. You can browse these and other forums to see the problems many are having with the 550. The 550 can be mastered but at weddings the white/black contrast is an issue when you must react quickly. Perhaps the 1DmII will fix this. Besides the ability to use auto with the Quantum I would also suggest that the extra power and quality of light are advantages. If you are not in a rush the X2D will be replaced with the X4D this fall. It will be evry similar to the T4D.

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