550 EX defaults to TTL on 20D

Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by preston_merchant, Sep 3, 2005.

  1. After many months of working normally, my 550 EX won't go into E-TTL
    mode on my 20D--not matter what I do. I put the flash on my Elan 7
    and it goes back to E-TTL. Take it off, put it on the 20D, and it
    goes back to TTL, and switching modes on the flash unit does not bring
    up E-TTL. All I get now are blasted frames. I've cleaned the
    contacts, fiddled with switches, etc. No E-TTL. Thoughts?
  2. Well, seems to have been a *really* dirty contact--required scraping, not just solvent. Works now. Thanks anyway.
  3. Check the shoe is not loose - it took me many months to work out what was wrong on a 1D - kept thinking a clean had cured it when all I'd done was strike lucky/shake it about a bit. On the 1D one can tighten the shoe by removing a very thin spring cover under which are four cross head screws - don't know about the 20D

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