55 Years Ago - October 1959

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  1. Welcome to October 1959. Polaroid seems to be this month's topic so let us get started with Modern Photography's story.
  2. Here is US Camera's story on Polaroid.
  3. Finally here is Popular Photography's story on the new Polaroid products.
  4. Let us go back to Modern Photography and look at their latest camera tests.
  5. Glass or plastic bottles, it is your choice.
  6. Kodalk, help for your darkroom work.
  7. Here are some new photo books.
  8. Here is the world's largest photograph. Did they cheat?
  9. Here is a test of the Pradovit F slide projector.
  10. Here is an article on roll film backs.
  11. Here are this month's camera equipment ads.
  12. Here are this month's dealer ads.
  13. That is it for October 1959. All comments and suggestions are welcome.
  14. SCL


    Interesting article on the production of the world's largest photograph.
  15. Always enjoy a trip down memory lane, the ads especially. Still tempting me with the Alpas...but at least I have most of the others!
  16. Interesting issue, as usual. I especially enjoyed the Polaroid articles and the Kodalk technique.
  17. I graduated from college in 1961 any received a Polaroid original fold out as a gift. It was the beginning of something for me.
  18. Great..I recall arguing the toss over buying a Graphic or a Linhof 6x7 rollfilm back. The Linhof version was at least 3 times the price of the Graphic, but the build was superb and that eventually persuaded me. Wish I'd bought a sack full, seeing what they fetch today... Thanks, Marc, you certainly extend my coffee breaks.
  19. An Ultrasonic remote with two sound horns for the Pradovit F Leitz projector?
    Who knew ?
    Thanks again Marc !
  20. Swiftly hijacking the thread--do you by any chance have the article Modern did on warranty rights? The one with the guy who needed repair on his Conspicumat (made by Conspicu Kogaku), and got an answer when the customer service rep accidentally answered the phone?
  21. Les,
    Do you know what year that article came out? I have almost a complete set of Modern so I probably have it.
  22. Sorry. I've tried to find the date, but no luck.
  23. Mr. Bergman,
    Thank you for your continuing series of same-month many years ago. I have some of the same magazines and even read some of them when they were new. It takes a lot of effort to do all the photocopying and posting to Flickr. Yet each month, you continue to make that effort on behalf of your fellow photo enthusiasts. You're truly a Photonet member who operates on the original Photonet spirit of sharing the hobby with one another.
    I look forward to your February posts showing Dynachrome vs Kodachrome. I have tried to buy that old issue but have not been able to find it.
    A. T. Burke
  24. Mr. Burke,
    Thank you for your kind words. I find this forum to be a special place. There is so much sharing of information and experiences that one gets caught up in the enthusiasm.
    Did you see Rick Drawbridge's post on the photographer Fred Lyon. Mr. Lyon has a book out with photographs of San Francisco from 1940-1960. I think you would appreciate his work.

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