55 Years Ago - June 1961

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  1. Welcome to June 1961. I somehow misplaced my copy of this month's Modern Photography magazine so US Camera magazine will take it's place. I think you will find some interesting articles and get to read some new columnists.
    For those of you that followed the space race this will be a treat.
  2. Here is an article on the 1961 Photo Trade show.
  3. Here is an article that shows the best way to use your light meter.
  4. Peter Stackpole writes about Kodachrome film.
  5. Arthur Rothstein gives a short overview of available color film for 1961.
  6. Here is the Negative/Positive column from Al Asnis.
  7. Reader's questions are answered by Will Connell.
    Oh. Check out the Exakta outfit shown on the second page.
  8. Ed Hannigan talks about home processing.
  9. In an article titled Actor's Eye on Life we see the work of actor Eli Wallach.
  10. The next time you complain about climbing a hill to get a shot please remember this article.
  11. Here are this month's camera equipment ads.
  12. Here are this month's dealer ads.
  13. Mr. Bergman...
    Thank you Sir, for your continued postings of old photo magazines. I especially enjoy revisiting Kodachrome through them.
    A. T. Burke
  14. A great look back. Especially enjoyed the color film article and the rocket photography. Thanks for sharing.
  15. Thank you for posting these. fun to see the "innovations" I got a kick out of the Graphic 35 that had advance and shutter cocking by Jet-O-Matic CO2 cartridge.
  16. Great post - the article about rockets is wonderful.

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