55 Years Ago - February 1959

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  1. Welcome to February 1959.
    This first article is from U.S. Camera magazine. It is a nice presentation of 35mm cameras available in the USA in early 1959.
  2. This next article is from Modern Photography concerning home testing of lenses.
  3. Next are a couple of monthly columns from Modern.
  4. Here are some camera equipment ads for this month.
  5. Here are some dealer ads for the month.
  6. Always nice to have a look back. I have a lot of back issues but not as many from the 50's. Thanks for sharing.
  7. I wouldn't mind having one of those Killfit lenses.
  8. Great stuff, thanks Marc.
  9. i HAVE KEPT some of these old reprints and pasghes from magazines..
    somewhere buried oin my garage are sopme I would rea;;yu ;ole tp find.
    p[ose an entire roll of nagatives on a home made drum.
    and develop a set of B@W slides ( camera 35)
    I did sVWE and havce the "spoon up A SAVINGS" AND THE KODAK LEAFLET O
    M CONSTUCTING A COPY STAND.there i POST INFREQUENTLY AS MY EYES ARE BAD.was an articvle describing hoq to exp
  10. I had the Aires IIIL. Very sharp lens on that one, and it focused to 20 inches or so. It was cursed with the LVS system which locked the aperture and shutter speed rings together.
    Whoever bought the Nikon S3 or SP would still be happy today. Didn't the Nikon F come out a few months later?

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