510-Pyro and Plus-X

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  1. I was wondering if anyone has a development time for Plus-X in 510-Pyro. I found a time on darkroom-solutions.com that says ISO 125, 1+100, 70°F, 5 minutes. 5 minutes seems a tad short

    Thank you!
  2. Very short indeed ! Here is "my" method using 3.0 ml in a 450ml Nikor tank. 135-36 or 120 roll.
    Mix 3ml into 450 ml of DI water & allow to "mellow" for 5-15 minutes. You may note a slight color change toward yellow.
    Three (3) minute presoak and times between 16 & 19 minutes.
    When the Pyro is first poured into the Nikor (after pre-soak), 30 sec of EZ over & upright agiatations. There after, (1) ez over & return per minute.
    Two (2) plan water "stop baths" & a non acid fixer for 2x clearing time. I use plain thiosulfate fixer most of the time. . .rapid fixers are also OK if non acid.
    Hope this helps. PM if you run into some problems. Aloha, Bill
  3. I forgot this bit. This picture is with 100 Tmax & 510 but the only difference from Plus-X would be grain. . both films behave the same in 510. In fact, all my films get the 16-19 minute developing with 510. 2k15-034-008 ce r10.5s3 x bc.jpg Camera was a 6x9 folder on a Husky V tripod. . wind is horrid on the open areas of Washington's wheat belt. Bill
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  4. Hi Bill,

    Thanks for your input. I'll definitely give that a whirl. I also asked Jay De Fehr what he recommended and while he didn't have a specific time for Plus-X, he suggested trying a what's he's deemed to be a good starting point for almost any film in 510-Pyro - 1:300, 70F, 15 minutes with one minute initial agitation and 10 seconds every 3 minutes thereafter.

    Nice photo too!

  5. Hi JDM,

    Thanks for your input, granted I don't have PMK Pyro, but will certainly bookmark this page for the future!

  6. " with one minute initial agitation and 10 seconds every 3 minutes thereafter."

    That doesn't sound like very much agitation for a pyro developer . . .
  7. Hello again. What Jay has given out is very close to semi-stand developing. I tried it when he first put 510-Pyro out & "adapted" my personal method I now use from his basics. A little more tinkering & I noticed that just about any film falls into the 16-19 minute range with 3ml of 510 in my Nikor.
    Since Jay developed his Obsidian Aqua, I have not mixed any new 510 but occasional use what remains from my last brew somewhere back in2011. . 510 keeps for close to forever !! Bill
  8. Hey Ed, Bill beat me to it, but I was going to say something similar. Jay had meant that as a starting time for films on which there is no info on 510. Try and roll and make adjustments from there, just don't put anything too precious on the roll, just in case :)

    Bill - how do you like Obsidian Aqua?
  9. Hello again. Obsidian Aqua for me is great. Negs develop identical to 510-Pyro but I like the ability to make up 100 ml batches as I need them. 510 is a bit "messy" with the mixing & pouring into my 70ml orange cough syrup bottles. Yes, it does keep forever, but I still have a bottle of OA I dip into to test it's keeping ability. So far OK with the OA mixed mid 2016. I do not use a liquid for the Part B of OA, using instead 6.0g of Arm & Hammer washing soda (leftovers from the Cafenol days), which is Sodium Carbonate, in the bottle that the OA will be put in. Presently at 1.25ml of OA per roll, so you can see why I only mix 100ml at a time.
    If you venture down this Pyro path, be sure to try some of the other mixes. I do keep small bottles of Pyrocat HD & MC (both in glycol) handy for times I use some German films. . . seems to work nicely with them. My main films are Ultrafine Xtreme 100 & 400 materials (rebranded Kentmere IMHO) in both 35mm & 120 formats. Aloha from the Mainland, Bill

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