50mm Summicron-R vs. 60mm Elmarit for portraits

Discussion in 'Leica and Rangefinders' started by raymond_tai, Sep 9, 2003.

  1. I was shooting models the other day and was told in advance the
    studio was pretty small with a 8ft by 12ft working area. I use the
    R8 with 90mm Elmarit but it was a bit long for many of the shots I
    wanted to do. Something a bit wider like a 60mm or 50mm would have
    been nice. Under similar circumstances what advantages would the
    60mm have over the 50mm?
  2. Other than the 1 additional stop speed of the 50 (not sure you'd want the limited DOF) and the very slight additional compression you get with the 60 (might make sharp facial features a tiny bit more flattering) not sure you'd notice much difference in this circumstance. Technically the 60 is more even corner to corner with less vignetting, but it would be difficult to tell. I'd probably use the 60 if I had a choice.
  3. lets see some of your pix, then we can help....
  4. As you're probably aware, the 60mm is a macro lens. Accordingly, it has a very flat image field and allows you to get as close to your subject as you like, although it also works perfectly well at longer distances up to infinity. It also has excellent resolution, contrast, colour rendition and freedom from flare. The front element is deeply recessed, so you don't need a lens hood unless you use a filter. IMHO, the 60mm f/2.8 Macro-Elmarit-R is one of the best and most versatile fixed-length SLR lenses ever made.
  5. Thanks for the responses so far. I wish I can post some pictures but I don't have permission from these models to publish them. Anyway they are your standard head/shoulder shots in various poses.
  6. Ray, as an R shooter you need to check out the 60 Macro-Elmarit. When I shot the R system, the 60 was my favorite lens; very good for portraits. In fact, losing the 60 is the reason that I sometimes regret selling the R system. You will find the 60 to be an extremely versatile lens.
  7. Oye, I remember some of Ray T's pics from No Words threads so I know that he can shoot. There's a self-portrait of him with another subject that I thought was especially nice.
  8. I've nothing to add to the praise heaped on the 60 in previous responses, so I'll just show an early effort of mine with it. I'm an M user but recently got an SL2 that has a 60 on it most of the time, and it's one phenomenal lens.
  9. And another...
  10. When I was working in Los Angeles, I shot R's almost exclusively (aside from the Hassy) and found the 60 2.8 to be terrific for doubles, full length and some shots like this. www.jimbrittphoto.com for more examples.

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