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Discussion in 'Leica and Rangefinders' started by arthur_yue, Sep 24, 2001.

  1. I currently have a Konica 50mm F2. How good or bad is it compaired with a current Leica 50mm Cron.
    Can I make do with it or should I consider the Leica. And just to make things complicated do I need to consider the F1.5 from Cosina ooops Voigtlander as well since it costs even less?
    I also have a Tri-Elmar 49mm but at F4 it's a bit slow in some situations.
    Would appreciate your advice.
    Finally should it be chrome or black.


    Thanks in advance.
  2. Arthur,


    In my opinion, The Konica is a fine lens indeed. It matches up to
    the leica in terms of built and optics. However, I find the colour of
    the summicron totally blows the Konica away. In B/W, I'd be
    hard-pressed to tell the difference.
  3. Traded the Konica for the Leica 50 just for the filter size
    compatibility with my 35mm Leica.


    The Konica 50mm f2.0 is just as good a lens as the Leica 50 for my
    uses. Konica has in the past, and currently, makes excellent lenses.
  4. I'm imagining you bought a Hexar RF Kit and a Tri-Elmar. I would see
    no reason to waste money selling/trading the Konica 50 on a Leica
    50. You will probably use the Tri-Elmar most of the time. According
    to the test results at www.photodo.com the 50 Konica is in the same
    league with the Summicron and shots I've seen with both lenses at my
    local camera store confirm this. Certainly there's nothing about the
    Summicron other than the nameplate that makes it cost 3x as much.

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