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  1. hello all

    do you guys think i'm crazy wanting to buy this from KEH. All in LN- condition. Total comes up to $2480.00



  2. Beautiful camera, I have the same kit, but that's far too much to pay today. For that kind of money you should expect to get a full kit, 50mm, 150mm, flash and some extras... atleast.
  3. Some of KEH's prices have gone thru the roof on some items. They want over $700 for a 50 collapsible Summicron in Bgn condition, which I can't figure out. On the other hand, I just bought a great Canon T-70 camera from them, as well as a nice FL 135 2.5 lens, for around 50 bucks, so there's still bargains there. Maybe the 'blad is so expensive because it's LN. A look at eBay's completed auctions shows that a similar camera recently sold for around $1600. Of course you're getting a 6 month warranty w/ KEH too, which is very nice.
  4. stp


    I've noticed that as well -- many of KEH prices have risen dramatically, to the point they don't seem to make sense. Sure, their equipment may be graded conservatively, and the products come with a warranty, but often their prices are so far above what individuals on the various photography boards are selling for that the KEH "advantage" doesn't seem to be worth it. It was not this way in past years.
  5. I suspect the reason for high prices on some of the newer cameras is the data bus that allows them to work better with some digital backs. I saw this kit too, and thought about it briefly, but also concluded it was just a little too much money.
  6. Gup

    Gup Gup

    I paid $2400 for that exact kit brand new 8 years ago. If it is truly 'like new' I'd say it is worth the money.
  7. I know the price is really high for this kit, but i figured since I will be keeping this camera and adding a digital back to it later on when i finish my studies, i should get something in a LN condition. I have also heard good things about KEH's condition ratings. So i guess the LN- kit would pretty much look mint. I did look on Ebay and I was only able to find one camera within the 1000-2000$ price range which doesn't look to be in good condition or at least not close to LN condition.
  8. Unless the prices went up insanely in the last few weeks at KEH, I'd say that you're not getting a decent price. The other day I priced an outfit ('Blad) that someone wanted $2300 (on CL) for and the same could have been had at KEH for around $1100. Anyway, it's your money.
  9. I think what's happening is that over time, there are less and less really clean pieces. I won't sell mine because the prices
    are still too low. I'm glad they're going up being on the selling side.
  10. I agree with Dave Wilson. There are lots of Hasselblads on sale, but many if not most are in pretty beat-up condition. I have dealt with KEH for over 20 years--their prices may reflect a small premium as a dealer, but their prices are basically very fair, especially considering their 6-month warranty and return policy. You won't get these on ebay or with most other dealers. Their prices simply reflect CURRENT market conditions and what the cameras are bringing now. Recently, bargain Mamiya 6 bodies went from $500 to $900, and have stayed high. There is simply a shortage. If that's the model you know you want, if you have the $$, if condition is important, and if you'll keep it long-term, I'd buy it and at least take the 14 days to think about it. I would check the function, though, as KEH does not run film through cameras (As far as I can tell) although they may click the shutter.
    With the market fluctuating as it does, you can't compare what someone paid a few years ago or even 6 months ago. Current prices are current prices.
  11. I was looking at an auction for r-summicron 90mm and keh started at $750, lowered it to $720 for a few days and have now raised it to $800.
    I think there are plenty of available bodies and glass offered from many different companies, offering return policies, and likely can put togeather a cheaper set.
  12. I have decided I will buy the kit, I know I will be keeping this beauty and adding on a digital back to it in the future so i might as well get a kit thats in a LN condition.
    Just a question though I have been shooting with my Mamiya for a long time and I have a prism finder i use with it. For the 503cw what type of prism finders should i be looking at? I'm looking for something around $200 or less.
    And before ordering the kit I'm just wondering would all the items i posted work together? I have never put a hasselblad kit together.
    Thanks in advance
  13. The parts in your 'original post' do work together, yes. Together, they form a fully working camera. You only need a lens hood ("60/80"), and a lightmeter to make it complete.<br>You could get a PME5 or PME51 metered prism, or if funds permit a PME45 meter prism finder to take care of both the need for a meter and the desire to have a prims finder.<br>But none of those metered prisms will, i think, be available for $200 or less. You could get a non-metered NC-2 prims for less than $200.
  14. thanks Q.G de Bakker, I do have a light meter.
    when looking at lens hoods which size should i be looking for? I was looking at KEH and i'm not sure what 60/80 means.
    also what size filter should i use for my lens? i'm planning on getting a filter just to protect the glass.
    as for the prism finders can i find any prism finders under $200 that are metered?
    i'm pretty sure this one isn't, correct? http://www.keh.com/camera/Hasselblad-Prisms-and-Viewfinders/1/sku-HH130000002080?r=FE
    again thanks for the help
  15. I had purchased my first Hasselblad kit from an ebay seller and subsequently a few other items from the same person. He had stated the camera was "mint" and as received it was. He currently has a 503CW kit which sounds about the same the one mentioned from KEH. While the price may be up a bit, I've had good experience buying from this seller and I wouldn't hesitate to buy another camera from him.
    A little more money, but the lens is a CFE...
  16. Just a personal preference, i really like how KEH gives out warranty on its items and since I have had couple of bad experiences with Ebay sellers (although they had good reviews), I personally am more comfortable with KEH.
    But thanks for the link.
  17. John,

    "60/80" is the name Hasselblad gave to the lens hood you'll need. The "60" bit indicates the bayonet 60 mount, the "80" part indicates it is the one for the 80 mm lens.
    Filters for this lens are also bayonet 60.

    The PM prism you're link leads to is indeed not a meterd prism. The "E" in the Hasselbld type designation indicates the presence of a meter, so you'll need a PME. Something like this one, but this one is already over budget. Older oner, older than the PME3, will probably not be calibrated to work with the Acute Matte screen in the 503 CW. Newer ones also have (though only slighty) improved electronics. Hasselblad did not like even numbers, so the one next from the PME3 is the PME5, a slightly improved version of which is the PME51.

    KEH sells Kiev prisms as "Hasselblad/Kiev" prisms. Though they do fit, do not get one. Not good.
    They also sell the old Hasselblad meter prism. Needs mercury batteries (or zinc-air replacement), and are ugly, large, slow (CdS cell) and many don't work. So don't get on eof those either.

    The best one (offers spot, integral and incident light metering modes, instead of the center weighed of the older ones, and a number of display modes), but way over the $200 mark, is the PME45.

    A CFE lens adds, amongst other things, electronic contacts which are of no use whatsoever when used on a 500 series Hasselblad, but do make the lens more expensive. So no need to spend the extra for one of those. The other things the CFE line offers are some slight improvements in ergonomics, which are also available in the CFi line, which does not have those expensive electronic contacts. But the plain CF is fine.

    All those links to KEH do not indicate i would think you should buy from KEH. Shop around for the best, still reliable deal.

    For that kind of money, ask KEH to throw in the lens hood for free.
  18. Perfect explanation. Thanks
    When you say you think i should not buy from KEH do you mean the kit or the extras such as lens hood and prism finder and etc? or both? Since i'm not very knowledgable with Hasselblad systems, i'm hesitating purchasing from Ebay. I have had really bad experiences with kits i have purchased from Ebay.
  19. And just for it all, the 503CW is a serious fine machine, and a 50 fle, 100mm and 180mm will knock your socks off.
  20. John, I got my lens hood for the 80mm from fotodiox: http://fotodioxpro.com/index.php/hood-for-hasselblad-b60-cf-80mm-lens.html
    I also got a bay 60-72mm step up ring to use my existing 72mm filters
    I got a 503cx kit from keh about a month ago and very happy. My body was Exc+ but looks never used to my exam. It's my first Hasselblad, and I recommend reading Wildi's "Hasselblad Manual" for good info. Tom
  21. John,<br><br>I did not say you should not buy from KEH either. Just wanted to make clear that though all the products i linked to as examples are on sale by KEH, that did not mean i think you must buy those particular ones.<br>Shopping around a bit to find what things go for generally and where the best bargains are is always a good idea. After that it's a matter of finding the best place to buy it from without paying too much.<br><br>I did indeed mean to say you should not buy a Kiev prism, or the earlier types ('meter prisms' and 'PME' without a number in the type name) of Hasselblad metered prisms.<br><br>Lens hoods are things hat cannot have much wrong with them. The can be cracked, or heavily scratched. And that's about it. So buying those from anywhere will probably not be problematic.<br>As long as you are aware that there also are ones marked "For Hasselblad". They are copies made in China, using low quality materials. They work, but don't fit snugly and the plastic is very soft and brittle.<br><br>Sam with filters, by the way. The Hasselblad bayonet 60 UV-SKY filter is a bit on the expensive side, compared to copies (and thread mount filters). But i would definitely spend the money to get one of those.<br><br>Bayonet 60 filters have the same outside diameter as 67 mm thread mount filters. So if you want to use an adapter and thread mount filters, get one for 67 mm filters.<br>Using larger filters (such as the 72 mm filters W T suggests) will not allow the use of the lens hood. The hood will fit over 67 mm filters.
  22. Again thanks for your explanation Q.G. de Bakker
    I actually decided to get the kit and I know I won't be regretting the price i paid for it, because i'm sure this camera will be something i will be working with for a long time.
    One last question:
    If i was to get a prism finder for 503cw (a non metered one) what would be my cheapest option? I'm used to having a prism finder, even with my Mamiya C330 i always used a prism finder so I'm thinking of getting one for my 503cw. I can't afford a metered one so my only option would be non-metered.
  23. You will have to make a choice between 45 degree and 90 degree prisms first. But the 45 degree prisms are by far more comfortable to use, so i'll assume you will want one of those.<br>The cheapest option would be the NC-2 prism. They are not hard to find. And are very good, very nice to work with.<br>The later series of PM (without "E"; the PME prisms have a meter inside) prisms are a bit bulkier, and have a 'cold shoe' on top. And are a bit more expensive, i believe.
  24. is this the NC-2 prism you mentioned?
  25. No. That link leads to a Kiev copy of an NC-2. (Here's an original for sale.)
    The copy looks very much like the original. It's cheap. Not bad at all, in some regards (mainly in how it shows more of the corners of the image. The NC-2 rounds them of a bit). Given a choice, i do prefer the original. But it's really not bad, this Kiev copy.
    Though i think $45 is a bit much for one.

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