500c compatibility,pricing advice.

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  1. I am offered a well used hassy 500c,with chimney finder,12 back and chrome
    150/4 for roughly 400$.I will try to sell the lens,add a few $ and get a chrome
    50/4 or 80/2.8 instead(suits my needs better).
    I am on a budget.

    Am I getting a good deal?

    Are modern finders\backs\lenses compatable with early 500c bodies?

    What to check for when buying? What are the weak spots?

  2. Not the age is the deciding factor but the technical condition of a Hasselblad. Check for correct infinity focus, correct opening and closing of the auxiliary shutter in the camera body; light tightness and negative spacing of the magazine; fungus, haze or element separation, correctly working aperture, shutter and self-timer in the lens. If you are not familiar with Hasselblads you will not be able to to this on your own.

  3. Michael,

    Run a roll of film through the camera. Examine the negatives closely. As Ulrik says, it isn't easy if you have never used a Blad before.

    Common problems are overlaping frames (magazine needs repair), hanging upper aux shutter cuts off part of the image (body needs repair) and slow shutter speeds & X-sync not working(lens needs repair).

    All backs & finders will fit. F series lenses will fit but really can't be used as they have no shutters. All other lenses will work just fine.

    You should include the cost of an overhaul to the total cost of the camera.

    I'd keep the 150. It's a fine lens and later on you will want to use it.

    Perhaps David Odess can chime in here as he has repaired Hasselblads for a long time.

    I have a battered 1969 500C with a 6 element 80mm 1959 Planar that I just love. They are in tip-top shape as I had them overhauled - the repairs cost more than what I paid for them and I had a Maxwell focusing screen installed. I paid more for the screen than I did for the body but it is a joy to use. It is my favorite 6x6 camera and I would never sell it.
  4. Michael,

    Before buying I would try to find a good repairshop locally that will be able to service the Hasselblad you intend to buy.
    Hang on to the 150 lens. It will not bring in much money and it is
    the second best sold lens after the 80 mm standard lens.
    Like Ulrik and Anthony already mentioned without a check up and probably a good service, equipment this old is unlikely to perform well.
    Not the age but the condition determins the results.
  5. It is a good deal if you have money to invest in repairs. The shutter springs break without warning. Certain body repair parts are no longer available.

    Well used is like buying a used police car or taxi without an odometer.
  6. who is a good CLA guy?
  7. David Odess is a PN memeber and he has a great repution. Search PN for him and you will find lots of endorsements for him. Brad Sherman also does good work. They are in the USA.

    Where are you located?
  8. I am located in Israel.

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