500c cant open back - how to please

Discussion in 'Medium Format' started by shahdad_samimi, Aug 4, 2006.

  1. hi,

    Ive got a brand new hasselblad 500c - box, manuals and the camera is brand new
    as its never been used.

    what i want to do is open the back so i can get the serial number as it is
    hidden behind the film holder.

    ive read the instructions in the manual but still cant open it

    im pressing the button at the top to the right, and ive tried pulling/pushing in
    every direction and nothing, it wont budge

    something seems to be still engaged and i do not know what

    can someone please help me with a step by step so i can get the back off

  2. Did you insert the darkslide? The magazine locks when the darkslide is removed.
  3. ...and be sure the darkslide is in all the way.

    Also, if it still doesn't open, take the darkslide out, reverse it and insert it again to see if that
  4. I dont think mine has a darkslide or even a hole to place it in...

    ive uploaded a few pics to show you what the sides of the camera look like

    any ideas?


  5. I can see very well the "slot" for the darkslide, and it is empty! The back can only be removed with the darkslide in.

    The "slot" is on the right side of the camera.
  6. Here's the slot--you need to got get a dark slide
  7. Yep, you need a darkslide, no doubt at all...
  8. Hi, Shahdad,

    If your 500C is accompanied with the manual, number "41" on Fig.4 on the manual is the dark slide. The dark slide is a thin plate made of stainless steel with a handle. Fig.4 shows the camera with the dark slide inserted into the almost invisible narrow slot. You can only see the handle (the number 41 is pointing the handle).

    Also, Fig.20 shows the film magazine with inserted dark slide and, again, the number "41" is printed on the slide. On the left side of the Fig. 20, it is clsarly stated at first:

    "Before the magazine is removed from the camera body, the magazine slide (41) must be inserted."

    If you don't see any of the thin stainless steel plate, I suspect the previous owner had lost it.
  9. thanks everyone for the reply

    it seems that the previous owner lost the darkslide so i do not have one. hence making it a little difficult to figure out what i was suppose to do

    anyone know where i can buy a darkslide from?

  10. It will depend on where you live, but David Odess has very good reputation for his maintainance and used (some new) equipments:


    Although you will need a dark slide eventually, you can just start to use your 500C even without dark slide. I use the dark slide of my 500C/M combo only when I need to take the magazine off to clean it up with a dust blower. If you don't need to change magazines and can stick to just one, you'd better keep the slide out of the camera. This way you can prevent the light seal from being worn out.

    You don't need to sit down and wait for the dark slide just to make sure of the serial number:)

    Hope you enjoy shooting with your Hassy!
  11. can't you go back and get a darkslide from where you go the camera ?

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