500c 120 back won't stop at (exposure) 1 when loading.

Discussion in 'Medium Format' started by jerry_cargill, Feb 24, 2014.

  1. Hello,
    I'm working with a Hasselblad 500c. I have two 120 backs, one that seems to load rolls of 120 no problem and then there's my trouble child. This second back's problem is that whenever I load a roll, and I try to crank the little crank on the back to 1 but, well, 1 never arrives. It just keeps on cranking until the roll is completely rolled up on the other side of the cartridge, as if I had shot the whole roll. What am I missing here?
    I've wasted a few rolls already thinking that I just missed something each time I tried it, but now I'm thinking either there is some setting or switch I may have moved to mess this up. I hope this is something simple and one of you Hassie experts will be doing a palm-slap to the forehead/eye-roll as you read this and then cheerfully clue me in on what I've missed here.
    Thank you for your help and time.
    Jerry Cargill
  2. Is it a non-folding crank, or even not a crank, but a key?<br>You probably have a non-automatic bck. The non-automatic backs do not have an automatic stop at "1", but require visual insection of the numbers on the backing paper thorugh the peep hole on the back.<br>When "1" appears there, you have to rotate the key (or attached crank) counterclockwise to set the frame counter to "1".<br>After that you leave the crank alone, until you're ready to wind the trailer on the take up spool and remove the film from the back.
  3. To add to what Q.G. posted, this vid shows loading a non-auto C12 back:
    This style back usually has the fold-out key to wind the film to frame #1 (while looking through the peep hole for #1 on the backing paper) as shown in the vid. However, Hasselblad did sell a black plastic crank which could be screwed to the film wind key and left in place on the back. I suspect this add-on crank may be what you have. It is what QG is referring to as a non-folding crank.
  4. Q.G. and Len, thank you for your responses.
    Sorry for omitting this important detail: The back features a small black crank that you have to manually crank to '1', and on our other identical back it indeed does stop at 1. But in my case the second back does not stop at 1, nor does 1 ever show.
  5. Jerry - It sounds like your malfunctioning back is an A12, without the peephole to position the film at #1. If it is supposed to auto stop at #1 and isn't doing so, I can only think you need to send it off for a clean and lube.
  6. That's a rather common issue, usually due to a bent pin inside the magazine. It needs a CLA

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