50 Years Ago - May 1966

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  1. Welcome to May 1966. This first article asks whether Ektacolor-X is a serious film or just for snapshots?
  2. This next article asks, What's so funny?
  3. The Coffee Break column looks at Photo-Magic.
  4. Here is the Tony Karp on 35mm column.
  5. Keppler looks for the truth about skylight and haze filters.
  6. Here is the Once Over Lightly column.
  7. Edward Meyers takes a look at inexpensive long-lens systems.
  8. Here are this month's Modern Tests.
  9. Tony Karp looks at new developments in the photographic world with this exclusive Modern Photography article.
  10. Thanks for dragging this stuff out. Somehow I missed the final opinion on those longer lenses.
    But, the 50-60's bee-hive hairdo's were simply priceless :>).
  11. Yes in those days, the May issue would have come in April, for sure. :)
  12. Love that Tony Karp article. Illustrations were great. You sure this wasn't the April 1 issue? At first glance, I said to myself, gee LensBabies back in 66.
  13. Given the fact that my issue had about 20 pages missing I would say that the joke's on me.
  14. Great stuff, Marc, the Tony Karp spoof on new developments was hilarious.
  15. I have never seen contraptions like those long lens options. Wow. Pretty cool though.
  16. A friend of mine once had a monocular attachment for his Topcon SLR. Hard to focus and having a steady tripod wasn't
    enough: you had to avoid mirror vibration. But it was an economical way to experiment with long telephoto focal lengths.
    For many years Edmund Scientific sold an adapter that allowed 7x50 binoculars to serve as a telephoto. Equivalent to
    350mm. I used to hold my 7x35's up to the 50mm lens of my Dad's Mamiya Sekor 1000 TL to get a similar effect.
  17. I love that Smashelblad.

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