50 Years Ago - March 1967

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  1. The Coffee Break column talks about some staff changes at Modern Photography magazine.

  2. Bennett Sherman writes about Ultraviolet lenses.

  3. Here is this month's Too Hot to Handle column.

  4. Here are this month's Modern Tests.

  5. Patricia Caulfield writes about Decamired filters.

  6. Keppler writes about his pet SLR camera advertising annoyances.

  7. Now let's switch over to US Camera magazine. Here is their Creative Color column. in it Arthur Rothstein writes about his experiences with David Douglas Duncan.

  8. Interesting look into the past. I always enjoy Keppler's pieces. And when reading Too Hot to Handle, I wonder where these writers went.

    Thanks for posting these, Marc!
  9. A great look back, Marc. The 1000-4000 was also sold later in Bauch & Lomb trim, but except for advanced in lens coatings changed very little from Swift's introduction. My dad apparently read this article when it was originally published because when I asked him (at the time I was about 11) why he bought the Vivitar 85-205 instead of the Swift, his answer covered most of the shortcomings mentioned in this article. I understood even better when I tried taking photos through telescopes later.
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  10. Thanks Marc. I found Keppler's pondering on the relationship of eyes to camera really quite profound. Altogether, another excellent edition.

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