50/2 Summicron focus cam wear

Discussion in 'Leica and Rangefinders' started by mark_wrathall, Aug 12, 2000.

  1. I have a doggie M2 and a Wetzlar 50/2 Summicron Black. The range finder of on the M2 seems acurate despite the rewind knob having been knocked into the top case hard enough to cause a outward's bulge under the Leica logo. I have tested it with a friend's 50/1.4 (newest model) and infinity focus is right on. Vertical alignment is also good.
    With my Summicron at infinity the rangefinder misaligns by about a half mm. It is obviously the lens cam, as you can see and feel the wear on it. Is it possible (and cost effective) to have this replaced?
  2. It does not need to be replaced just adjusted. The focusing
    cams on Leica M lenses are hand finished and this sometimes
    looks like wear. Most likely the lens has had just as rough a life
    as the camera. Send it in for a CLA to a good Leica tech (I like
    Kindermann very much) and it should be very reasonable to get it
    functioning correctly. I had my early seventies 50/2 CLAed and
    the cam adjusted a few years back and it cost about $120US.
  3. Thanks John. It is definatly wear as you can feel the ridge at the
    ends of the range of rotation. The lens is early mid seventies, and
    much nicer than the body. How do they adjust it?
  4. The ridge at the ends of the rotation are probably the original
    adjustment, which involved grinding the cam until it matched reality,
    but obviouly only on the areas that could be measured, limiting the
    grinding to the working range of the cam.
  5. I am not too sure how it is done but it did not seem to be a big
    job judging by the price (which also included a normal CLA).

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