50 1.4 Ai or non Ai ?

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by michael_ferron|1, Feb 26, 2006.

  1. I picked up a decent 50 1.4 for my FM2n off the aucton site for
    cheap$$. Was advertised as being Ai. The lens didn't want to mount on
    the camera at first. Tried again and it did attach but the aperture
    ring then turned hard and the camera wouldn't meter with this lens. I
    suspect this is a non Ai lens. When comparing it to an Ai lens the
    raised, curved tab near the lens mount is shorter and in a slightly
    different position than that on my 20 4 Ai. Anyone know?

  2. non-ai lenses are missing the ai indexing cut out. look at the aperture ring of the lens. is the the edge that buts up against the camera smooth all the way around or is it missing a big chunk? if the aperture ring sits flush to the lensmount, then its non-ai.
  3. Yep it's non ai. Since it's a cheapie can I dremel tool the cutout myself?
  4. Here is something that might help you.
  5. It was advertised as AI and it ended being non-AI? I would file for fraud if I were you. At
    least give them a neg. Don't let these people get away with it, even if the price was $1.00.
  6. Before you go shouting fraud or giving the seller a negative, why not contact them and return the lens or get a refund. It could have been an honest mistake.
  7. What Alen said.
  8. Perhaps Michael should consider the purchase price as tuition for learning how to tell the difference between an AI and NAI lens?
  9. "Perhaps Michael should consider the purchase price as tuition for learning how to tell the difference between an AI and NAI lens?"

    If the seller made the mistake, I'd still charge the tuition to him if I could!
  10. Yeah. What Alan said. A lot of eBay sellers, particularly if they are not Nikon users, haven't got a clue what the difference is between AI and non-AI. Even fewer can distinguish between AI and AIS. Request a refund.

    Or get it AI'd. You can file the notch by hand yourself, but that will require some minor disassembly (no biggie) to remove the aperture ring. You will need to find a clear photo of another f/1.4 lens to determine the correct location of the notch. DIY instructions are here: http://www.zi.ku.dk/personal/lhhansen/photo/repair/aimod/aimod.htm

    Or you can contact one of these two gents to do it for you: http://www.aiconversions.com/ or http://hometown.aol.com/wdshpbiz/AImod.html
  11. Dremel away! If it really was cheap enough, this might be more fun than quarreling with the seller, shipping it back etc.. And in regard to a recent post: I fail to see how it would be Mike's fault if the lens was advertised as being AI. Unless you get a picture and/or a serial number, you have to rely on the seller's description.
  12. ShunCheung

    ShunCheung Administrator

    If the lens is optically fine, getting it AI'ed is probably the esaiest solution. That was a common procedure back in 1977 when Nikon introdueced AI and a lot of pre-AI lenses needed conversion. I find it interesting that we are still talking about that now almost 30 years later.

    I agree that the seller deserves the benefit of the doubt to start with. See whether they are willing to refund you or pay for (part of) the conversion.
  13. I'm sorry but I don't think there's anything like a "honest mistakeᄏ on the auction site. If
    there is ignorance, it's not honest to go on and sell the item under wrong pretense. Check
    first, and make sure you advertise the real thing. There are too many crooks out there to
    be lenient. 1% of dishonest sellers ruin trading on-line for the honest 99% .

    But, okay, give the guy the benefit of the doubt. Try to get a refund. Let us know how he
  14. This is a new low. The purchaser can't tell the difference--assuming there was a pic of the item--between AI-NAI and then gets steamed when it's not as advertised? Caveat emptor, y'all!
  15. Tried again and it did attach but the aperture ring then turned hard ...

    First worry should be what you might have done to your FM2N by mounting this lens...
  16. Gary Watson you are a piece of work. I've been to this point, a modern AF guy who has not before studied the difference Ai and non Ai. I did know I needed Ai or Ais which is how the lens was adevertised. And who says I was steamed? I only asked question. Folks like you are really not needed on this otherwise excellent site.
  17. Klix luckly I did no damage and everything works fine.
  18. Michael, if you'd done your homework you'd know that not all 50/1.4 Nikkors are alike. There have been design changes. Older non-AI ones aren't as sharp near wide open as later ones or as AI/AIS ones. I should know, I had one of the early ones.

    Just send the fool thing back, curse yourself for a trusting fool while you're at it, and after you've educated yourself more on the subject resume shopping. Stop to reflect before snapping at me.
  19. ShunCheung

    ShunCheung Administrator

    I think the important issues here are that Michael has identified the model of the lens he received and thankfully his FM2n is not damaged from mounting a pre-AI lens on it. Otherwise, please be a little easier on one another.

    Hopefully the seller will take responsibility to correct this error.
  20. Yep, it's Buyer Beware. If you don't know the difference and you buy a lens, in my book it's your tough luck. Sellers everywhere sell things without knowing what it is, or if they know, they sell it as something else. What do they care anyway? I don't think this situation merits a negative feedback unless the seller refuses to refund the purchaser if the purchaser feels wronged. But always Buyer Beware. I've been burned many times buying camera equipment on the auction site. Now I expect it to need a repair, no matter what the price!

  21. Dan says "Michael, if you'd done your homework you'd know that not all 50/1.4 Nikkors are alike"

    Jeez didn't I say I the lens was advertised as an Ai lens??

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