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  1. How do I remove the previous owners BYLINE from the exif file information

    In the menu where do I find this


  2. Don't you need to hook up the camera to Canon's software to change the EXIF defaults?
  3. Not in the menu, you have to use the Canon provided software, Zoombrowser suite.
  4. Yes, it's in one of the Canon supplied software, I've done it myself, but some time back. I put my name and phone
    number in.

    There's a confusing array of programs supplied by Canon, I *think* it's "Camera Window" that does this. You need to
    have the camera connected to the computer via the supplied USB, and switched off. I believe when you then turn the
    camera on, Camera Window (or?) activates automatically. Then it's a bit more exploring to find the setting within the

    Hopefully you have the Canon supplied software discs and cables. Otherwise you need to get in touch with Canon.

    All of this *is* a royal pain. It would be nice to be able to do this via the in-camera menus. The lack of a keyboard
    could be bypassed: the screen could display a keyboard, and you could select letters with the directional controller.
  5. "All of this *is* a royal pain. It would be nice to be able to do this via the in-camera menus."

    I believe this is a weak anti-theft feature. A casual theft shouldn't able to directly insert his name into the menus after
    stealing your SLR.

    If your computer is on, it takes all of one minute to plug into the USB and open EOS Utility to change your name. This
    hardly elevates this minor chore to the "royal pain" level, especially since it is something you only do once when you buy the
  6. The program required is not EOS Utility for the 5D, Canon has restructured/renamed the programs.

    And if you happen to get a used camera without the original software discs, you cannot freely download replacement, you have to get through to Canon, and pay them for replacement discs, as far as I know.
  7. "The program required is not EOS Utility for the 5D, Canon has restructured/renamed the programs."

    Mendel, I hate to correct you as you wrote that with such confidence, but you are simply wrong here.

    Open the latest EOS Utility (mine is v., ©2008) and you'll get a small window with two tabs: "Control Camera" &
    "Accessories." Under the control tab is an icon labeled "Camera settings/Remote shooting. Click on it and a small screen
    with camera settings similar to the 5D LCD opens. On the bottom right is a small "tool" icon, immediately to the right of the
    camera icon. Click on it and the text field for camera owner is revealed. You may now edit or change it. Of course the 5D
    must be connected for all this to work!
  8. As Mendel and Puppy Face say above you can edit your name etc when you connect the camera to your compiter and the Camera Window appears. Just click on the 'Set to camera' tab then on ' cnfirm/changes camera settings'. Then edit as required. I have just done it and it takes about two minutes rather than five.

    Thanks for the info, chaps
  9. Maybe depends on the date of purchase and/or region. Here's a screen grab of my Start Menu: No EOS Utility. For me I *think* it's "Picture Window". I'm not sure where the dang USB cable is. In the whole software suite Canon supplies, putting my name in the camera is the *only* thing I've need the suite for.
  10. Camera Window, Camera Window. Can't even remember the name.
  11. In fairness, Canon changed the app for the name field at least 3 times since 2003! I recall an app called EOS Camera Utility--not the same as EOS Utility, Camera Window and now, EOS Utility. I use EOS Utility from time to time for remote shooting, so I couldn't help but notice the name field option. I change my name field every once in a while to feel like a different person.
  12. I used EOS Utility with my 20D, and had that name etched in my longterm memory. I guess what I need is some aliases, give me a reason to fire up Camera whats-it's-name more ;)
  13. I like the fact that it takes a few minutes to figure out how to do this. Sure, a weak anti-theft effect, but it's better than nothing. After all, thieves are not generally very intelligent people, and when they steal a camera they rarely look around for discs. Therefore it takes two unscrupulous people to complete a dishonest sale.
  14. EOS Utility for EOS cameras, Camera Window for PowerShots. Of course that is if you have the latest software. As others have said, Canon makes major updates to the software from time to time, and the names and functions sometimes are changed. What came with the camera may have been different from what is used now. I think if you download and install ZoomBrowser first you can download any of the other software and get it to install. I've done that before from the Canon USA site when my discs were not handy. I don't know if you still can or not though.
  15. Many thanks to all of you who took the time to reply



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