4x5 holder for Mamiya Universal ?

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  1. Hi, i would like to use 4x5 sheet films with the excellent Mamiya universal, i have plan to make a mount with Fuji Quickchange or Grafmatic holders who can accept 6-8 sheets but i don't know if it's possible to built.. Does anyone have some good ideas ?
  2. Everything is possible, :) but you got only two problems to deal with. The one is that the mamiya universal lenses won't cover 4x5 sheets. Thats the major one, and you going to have a kind of pinhole effect vinetting on the edges. They cover up to 6x9 cm rollfilm backs but than it's all about they do for you. The nother one is to attach the holder on the body.
    There is film holders in smaller sizes to mamiya universal, you may get those if you want to have sheet films
  3. Thanks frank! The Mamiya Universal have many many fonctions, great & amazing camera!
    if i do this mount the Pinhole, effect ll be dark with deformation on the edges... right ?
    i have only experience with 120 roll film so is there a big difference between roll film and 2x3 sheet films if i get this mamiya holder ?
  4. Don't missunderstand me!
    I meant if you find away to attach the 4x5 holder to the camera body than the lenses give you vignetting on the 4x5" sheets.
    If you do use the rollfilm back and get yourself a a body cup with the pinhole than most likely you gonna get vignetting too.
    The differences are that you have controll during the developing process with every single exposure same as with 4x5" films. You can push the film if you want or need it to and you can choose different developer.
    Yes it's a great camera and slightly missunderstood by many photographers, very versatile cheap with quality lenses and it's a workhorse. Come out in the wrong time to the market. I simply love it.
  5. I am about 15 years late in seriously considering the Mamiya Universal but have just purchased one. If you can find a G adapter for the Universal or a Super Press 23 with the Graflok back you can use 2 1/4 X 3 1/4 Grafmatics. Most of these Mamiyas are used with the M adapter for Mamiya's s shaped back.
    (It took me several weeks and some false starts but I have just acquired a Universal and a G back to use my Grafmatics on.)
  6. Most Mamiya press lenses have a circle-of-coverage of 120mm, so that would be the diagonal of whatever film size you use. To get around the problem on a 6X12 modified Mamiya, I built an adapter to use view camera lenses on the Mamiya. I sold illustrated plans for this on eBay, but it is not up presently. Contact me directly, if interested.
  7. Insofar as I can tell, this appears the thread where I will have the best chances of obtaining some advice about my recent decision to fit a Mamiya Press/Universal with a .24mm (that's point two four/two hundred forty millimeters) pinhole drilled through a front body cap, to be used with a Mamiya 6x7 film back...
    Would anyone be interested in weighing in with an opinion on whether this pinhole (with what I judge to be a 70mm focal length) will cover the 6x7 negative, and... maybe hoping for too much here... whether this might produce a good image?
    As you can see, I am new to this game...

  8. Joe you may have already found your answer, but for the community, I will chime in.
    According to Lord Rayleigh constant from the Pinhole Designer calculator, the optimal focal length for .24mm is approximately 29mm and the optimal pinhole for a focal length of 70mm would be .373mm. Film coverage isn't really an issue, however when a pinhole is too small, the light rays diffract, causing image blur.
    Putting technical info aside, if you already have the aperture made, give it a try anyway!
  9. Anthony Sansone-very busy actually-once promised 4x5-conversion of mamyia press. At least he replied some days ago. but we didnt discuss this theme. But other news. so be prepared for instant-news.
    i am here to find a better alternative to one-lens polaroidconversions by option8(on FB). Yes he has also removable lens version for 600SE and 45-systems but only 127mm is coupled. other lenses from 90-150, also longer but not infinity working only via scale and groundglass. on 600SE-cam instant-backs are switchable: all three are working. pola100, instaxwide, sx70/impossible. polaroid 600SE-filmbacks possible with adapter(M for MUP)-G for RB67.
  10. I also will get the Mamiya Universal Press system again. and will get a pinhole-plate for the body-cover first.
    50mm covers 105mm. must dig out my files to know how much 150mm is covering.
    Better would be waiting for the new chinese pinhole-plate-universal shutter. until now 18°(Cosmos Circle and other brands same products. had a shutter with integrated pinhole. too expensive since one cost 80 usd. i measured quickest exposure time which can be reached with such a simple shutter. its around 1/6 sec no matter which cable-release, be it pneumatic or mechanic. got about the same for the grundner-shutter.. this unversal shutter can take up plates of sized up to 20mm. old aupremierplan= 18mm new 20mm if i dont err. skinkfoto also match he has zoneplate an zonesives also. also a plate holder without shutter. and the chinese will also offer pinholes of HQ.
    2. The same company in HK is about to deliver new compact 4x5 cams. most interesting could be a 58/65mm body with new shutter and viewfinder and pinhole/62mm register.
    he told they will offer also tinier body with shorter register, maybe for 35mm lens?
    I have just consulted again Anthony Tony Sansones tips about MUP. he told Type K and II backs are ok regardingg filmflatness. so version 3 should be a problem then. arent these those with cable-socket. i have two 6x7-back with vacuum but its wrong design(must yet check in real shooting) compared to M RB 67/70. i have vermeers 70/61.5mm conversion(donor-left side for 70 or 120/220/longroll 61.5mm). he has also given tips about Arca and Horsemanback plus adjustment which must be done when using M RB67 SD backs. Mercurycameras is offering an Instax-back. at least 500 usd. and he can deliver 70-120-spools(60 usd). have a solution with shims(2 for each spool) for Kodak 70mm spools later for linhof(thicker core) also. 3D-printer in the USA needed. Holgamods doesnt reply but i offered him doing. maybe someone could send him kodak 70mm cartridges and some 120film if he needs.
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  11. Sounds like a complete waste of a decent camera body.

    What's wrong with an old shoe box?
  12. Waste if you are lazy right, get a digital and leave us alone.
    Update: Aaron Smith on FB and Mamya Press Universal forum on FB is not only offering 4x5 back for MUP but also a G-adapter which is better that the original and Super 23-G. Its most perfect since same newer G-backs must be altered to match the Original. And G-adapters are hard to get and expensive. His is so perfectly made -register within 0.1mm when compared. We managed to adjust his blades to match RB 67/70 back. We are still in perfectioning. i shaved it to takeup G-groundglass(must be taped since no hooks). but he has a holder-only didnt yet check his ebay -explanation. one can exchange his plastic groundglass. i am about to find out of rick olesons brightsreen may work. he can cut to different sizes. not to 4x5. i recognized-during Zone Z1-testings(has no G-mount! better avoiding for the moment) that only when helicoid was rotated brightscreen could be used. finetuning focus with macroslider didnt really work good enough. Must ask experts. Tony Sansone already warned:
    1. " Beware of adaptations with fesnel lens. REmember the incidence of refraction. The focussed image is somewhere inside the plastic fresnel, not on the surface. Person who makes the fresnel focus screen with glass at rear must understand this and compensate for it. very very few do that. I was not using matte glass with fresnel. brightscreen has microprism and fresnel together. its used in SRLs liek Kiev 60(height must be adjusted since thinner than 1.7mm.)
    2. "In the past I made fresnel lens focus screes that were super bright and sharp with the wide angle lenses.* follows he is mentioning a dispute with HB about Acute Matte Screen patent.

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