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Discussion in 'Large Format' started by stella_blunt, Dec 26, 2008.

  1. Hi, does anyone know what 4x5 camera the photographer Tina Barney uses? I just watched the Sundance documentary and would really like to know what it is.
    Thanks Stella.
  2. She used a 4 x 5 Toyo....
  3. Curious why you are asking, she could have taken the same image with my bottom line Calumet monorail. More her technique and skill as an artist/photographer.
  4. Hey, lots of us are curious about equipment -- and there are any number of reasons to be curious about it. And none of them imply that the camera takes the photograph, rather than the photographer.
  5. Curiousity with large format cameras is a legitimate question since all have different specifications for lenses, controls and movement, so the brand and model can make a difference, and can the lens(es) due to their different specifications and properties. It doesn't change the importance of the photographer and their work, just their tools. And that's a fair question.
  6. I rather see the cameras as tools (to have the right tool for any accations and I mean sizes) and some older optics with character to help somebody to develop their own style. The 4x5 camera body alone give nothing what we call differences but the film the process and the photographer do.
    The question is right because somebody maybe would like to have a same tool as his or her favorit photographer has and tyhe reason for us to be here is to answear it if we can.
  7. I have a toyo 45GII which is awsome, not sure if anyone famous uses one.

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