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    So I'm sorta thinking about a 4k tv (~55") for display. They look pretty impressive in the showroom, and I took some jpgs on a stick (usb thumb drive) to my cousin's smart tv, and they displayed nicely.
    Let me make it clear that I am not planning to replace my computer monitor with a tv, this would sit alone unconnected to my computer and exist as a digital picture frame.
    Tacky concept? ... well, maybe; but I live in an apartment - don't have a lot of wall space - not capable or interested in learning the art of framing - rather put the energy into shooting and processing.
    Choosing: What to look for. keeping in mind: the purpose as a picture display device; and I'm majorly ignorant of tv
    OLED LED LCD -- any real differences? or other choices?
    flat/curved -- curve just a gimmick?
    is colour gamut an issue? differences in models/technologies?
    What display options are adjustable? Calibration?
    Is srgb the only safe space to use?
    What else should I be aware of? Should I prefer projection?
    Mostly: thank you, for those who choose to advise me!
  2. If your asking for advice for a LCD TV to only display your images on the wall for your personal enjoyment, any of the major brands will be fine and I would not spend more than $500 on a 50inch. I am not you so its relative to how much money you want or have to spend.
  3. I'm looking into 4K too. Right now I create slide shows with menus, captions, text, and music and some video if I have them. Then burn them on DVD in HD for my current HDTV 1080 using a video editing software. Works great. 4K should work even better.
    I'd use flat screens; curves I think is a gimmick and will reduce the view if your guests are sitting to the side.
    Not sure which type (OLED etc) are the best, but you get what you pay for. I've used Samsung LED on my existing HDTV's so I'll probably stick with Samsung with 4K because I've been satisfied. Check the internet reviews in any case to help make your decision.
  4. Here's the kind of thing I do that I play on my HDTV. I downloaded it to Youtube. You can see it in HD if you have the bandwidth or in smaller otherwise. These don't have video, only slides and no menus.
  5. By all means, do it. I've been viewing my images on my 47" 1080p HDTV for years now. My wife and daughters love it. I plan to buy a 55" 4k after the first of the year, during sales season. Flickr provides a nice, seamless interface.
  6. David. What do you mean regarding Flickr interface?
  7. With AppleTV and some other devices, you can view your Flickr Photostream on your TV. Of course, you can always access image files on your computer, but Flickr is where I organize my shots for presentation, so it's my go-to interface.

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