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  1. After the latest firmware update, the Z6ii is now capable of shooting 4K60p, all-be-it in DX crop.

    I'm I OK using a DX lens, 'cos some use the phrase full-sensor readout?

    What focal length do I input for IBIS with a Sigma 50-100mm 1.8?
  2. Ha, that should be Am I NOT I'm I!

  3. DX crop should not affect the in-camera VR's functioning. If the lens correctly reports the focal length to the camera, you should be all set (assuming there is no incompatibility).

    You should be fine using a DX lens. Let us know how the footage looks! :)
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  4. Should be in about 10 days.....:)

    First new camera....as opposed to new to me...:cool:
  5. Good point!
    How much info gets transferred to the camera with a Nikon F-mount lens on the FTZ converter?
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  6. I'm still curious about the full-(FX)frame readout with a DX lens...??

    Does it only 'read' the centre DX coverage area, or somehow 'bin' the FX sensor to DX sensor dimensions, in which case i'm going to get a rather odd 'tunnel-vision' video if I use a DX lens?
  7. Remember to book vacation to allow for time to read the 852 page manual and additional video/raw amendments.
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  8. Is there a Quick Start Guide?...

  9. So, will a DX lens give me an, err, full SCREEN 4K 60p on a 4K monitor or do I get tunnel vision?
  10. No the video should look the same as any video. The full sensor readout just means the camera doesn't do line-skipping, and as a result, there should be minimal aliasing artifacts.
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  11. .. and just covers the DX sensor area..?

  12. A DX lens will automatically crop to DX format in the viewfinder, you can't switch this feature off.
  13. Right, in the 4K 60 mode on the Z6 II it should cover approximately the DX area. I suspect they just use the central 3840 × 2160.
  14. So the EVF only shows the central DX crop area with a DX lens mounted in stills and video. Seems simple enough.

    ... and the EVF view changes from FX to DX when 4K 60P is selected with an FX lens fitted. OK!
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  15. LOL
    Yes: Insert battery and memory card. Set dial to Auto. Press shutter. ;)
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  16. Don't i have to switch it on?

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  17. That's optional.
    As is removal of the lenscap.
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  18. There's so much to remember...;)
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