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  1. Looking for suggestions where to shoot landscapes/ nature within a day's drive from Reykjavik in aerly June.. Probably would spend one night on the road.
    Suggestions for waterfalls, lava fields, wildlife or anything else of scenic beauty? any recommended places to stay in the neighborhoods suggested would be appreciated.
  2. Well, within a day's drive there are many interesting sights, but the problem is that, in my opinion at least, they are diametrically opposed. On the south-east side you have the very impressive Blue Lagoon and the surrounding lava fields as well as the impressive coastline.
    On the north (well, in any way, along Highway 1 which effectively circles the island) you have (if I recall correctly): Skogafoss, Svartifoss and many smaller ones (see more here: http://www.world-of-waterfalls.com/iceland.html#sudvesturland-og-sudurland-waterfall-list) and, of course, you have the amazing Jokulsarlon inland "lake" with its icebergs (personally, NOT a sight to miss - it's magnificent).
    If you're asking of a recommendation, I'd say rent a car and drive along the road towards Jokulsarlon and simply stop on the two waterfalls mentioned above. That in itself should fill more than a day and a half. THEN, on the way back the second day, you can make a quick detour and visit Blue Lagoon for a couple of hours...;-)))
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    I've been meaning to respond to this for a day or two. Like Marios I liked Jokulsarlon. However unlike him I think its too far for a 48hour trip and would just create too much time in the car . More controversially I'd skip the Blue Lagoon too- Its not a place I personally found particularly photogenic.
    For me I'd head out east along route 1 and do the waterfalls on or near route 1 such as Seljalandsfoss and Skogafoss but then I'd stop at Vik and take time to explore the coastal areas of Dyrholaey and Reynisdrangar and stay in that area overnight -though night will be very short in June. It would be good to try a few side roads but they will be gravel roads and at that time of year I'd be careful of fords ( and there are a lot on the minor roads as water levels will still be high. Just east of Vik there's a massive lava field.
    On the return I'd leave Route 1 on the right between Hella and Selfoss and head north roughly following the Hvita River to reach Geysir and more spectacularly Gulfoss. Don't be put off by the tour buses at Gulfoss. Its very worthwhile. Then back west to Reykjavik via Thingvellir and its eponymous lake- everyone sees this place though I found it hard to get good photography. You can do these latter sites on a day tour from Reykjavik if you didn't want to hire a car
  4. Thanks to you both for the advice. I will do some further research on the places mentioned.
  5. I'm in 100% agreement with David, particularly his comment about the Blue Lagoon and getting to and from the Jokulsarlon. WRT the Blue Lagoon, I just couldn't get over the fact that we were paying to float around in what is essentially the cooling pond of the nearby geothermal power plant. A Jokulsarlon visit will involve so much driving that in the limited time you have, you will be forced to miss very interesting things along the way and closer in to Reykjavik, exactly as David pointed out.
    BTW, I would add one "don't miss" to his list: Just inland of Vik, up on the glacier, they used to run guided snowmobile / dogsled rides. As I recall, it was no more than a half hour drive up to the staging area from Rt 1 and the rides take a couple of hours. If they are still running these, there are great photo opportunities to be had. I was with my wife and small daughter, so we opted for a family ride instead of the photo ride, but I always wanted to go back and do the latter.
    Have fun. You'll come back with great pix, almost no matter what you do.
    Tom M

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