41ºN 102ºW

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  1. I'm sure one reason people have been posting threads that are so specific in title that hardly anyone else could have a picture of that title is that the rules for posting are not easy to locate. I couldn't find them myself, although I remember that one rule was to post 'general' subjects not very specific identifications, which belong with the picture not the thread title. Of course, most people realize that you have to generalize overly specific threads.

    Where are the instructions, anyhow? The Forums>Site and Forum help menu doesn't seem to go anywhere for me anyhow?

    here is a view of 41ºN 102ºW
    (it's in Nebraska. BTW. Note that you can see for miles without a single tree to spoil the view)
    It's a land where Stieglitz could have endlessly photographed his "Equivalents"
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  2. The closest I can get is 41ºN 97ºW

  3. The rules for the No Words forum include something along the lines you mentioned.

    Contributions to this forum should not be so specific a subject that it would be exclusive of members of this site. For example, do not start a thread with a title such as "Aunt Emily and her new dress holding an afghan hound in her arms".

    Welcome to the No Words Forum! Please READ THESE RULES Before Posting.

    The instructions for the NW are not hidden but maybe need more signposting, going by the amount of infringements.

    As for the Landscape Forum Leslie Reed provides some guidance for the Wednesday Landscapes Thread she starts each week. :confused:
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  4. Couldn't resist
    coordinate x1000.jpg
  5. :)Thanks all
  6. ?
  7. ted at jackson hole ski area 009.jpg
    Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. Only one state away from Nebraska and similar latitude, 43.5873° N, (longitude 110.8270° W), but not quite as flat.
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  8. Sorry, can’t work out how to get the degree symbol
  9. On a Mac, it's option-zero.
  10. Windows Alt 0176
  11. BAE4F307-5447-4893-9BCF-CC4B6FE3233D.jpeg

    On IOS, hold down 0 (zero)

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