40mm filter size: some answers

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  1. In a moment of madness prompted by a thread about the Canon 35/1.8, I thought it might be a good idea to show people where new 40mm filters, hoods, etc. are available. The short answer: Japan. The longer one: set out with risible nerdishness on this sparkling new page.
    Ugh, it took hours to do and will soon suffer from link rot and general obsolescence. Moreover, I fear that I'm setting myself up for pleas via email: "Where can I get a 54.5mm red filter? I need it for my Zunow!" But before I chuck the relevant catalogues into the trash (as I very soon shall), I'll try to cater to related questions posted here.
  2. I wonder if lenses that take 40mm filters can use the Linhof 42mm clamp-on filter holder and shade, made for LF lenses that take 40.5mm filters. These can often be found in sets with filters for not too much money, since there are relatively few new lenses that can use them. I had one 42mm holder/shade that came with a used Tech V that I bought, but then found another older style with five drop-in filters in a beautiful Linhof leather case for around $85 (I have two lenses that can use this size, a 150/4.5 Xenar and a 135-235/5.6-12 Symmar convertible).
  3. I think that's very likely. I have a rubber (or rubbery plastic) lenscap that
    says "42mm Made in Germany" and that fits over such lenses very snugly.
    I didn't mention it as I've no idea what it's really designed for or where
    one could find more of them.
  4. Thanks for the useful post (you may want to repeat it in the Leica forum as they get a lot of Canon RF questions)!

    BTW, I think the rubbery German 42mm lens caps (Schneider, etc.) were/are made for both the Contax RF lenses (most of which are 40.5mm thread) & many Leica lenses (most of which are 39mm)--well, @ least that's what I use them for.
  5. Christopher, thanks for the suggestion, but it has just occurred to me this morning that a friend of mine here in Japan fully understands filter sizes, etc. etc. (he's a keen photographer, though I think he uses newish SLR cameras) and is already selling (photography-unrelated) goodies from Japan via the internet and is thus set up for PayPal payments, etc. etc. There's something rather unpleasantly smarmy about my web page as it now stands: "I'm in Japan, so I can easily get all this stuff. If you're not in Japan, you can't. And no, I'm not going to help you in any way. Ha ha ha." Even if it's not smarmy, it's not very helpful. So I'll see if I can work out a sales conduit. If/when I either succeed or give up, I'll tell the Leica crowd.
  6. You can buy replacement 42mm slip-on caps made by Schneider or Kaiser from various sources. B&H should have them as well as some of the online filter sources. You can also find used ones from KEH.
  7. Well, I see that A.I.R. Watches is selling some 40mm sky filter on eBay, but since they are the new alter-ego for Cambridge Camera Exchange (the absolute scum of the camera store world), there's no way they'll see any of my money. (I dealt with them a couple of times in the 1970's, and the dirty feeling still persists.)

    Note that their feedback rating is falling fast, due to un-concluded transactions, and apallingly high shipping charges.

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