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  1. My wife dropped her 40D at home and the screen is smashed, it just lights up white with various colours. The screen protector didn't help. When I turn it on, the top panel comes to life but when I push the shutter, nothing happens and the screen blanks out.
    Does anyone have an idea what Canon would charge to make a repair, or am I better off just junking it as it is an older model? I know I can send it to Canon for a quote, but if anyone has had experience with a similar problem, I'd appreciate your feedback.
    Happy Easter to all, and a belated blessed Passover.
  2. Of course only the tech at Canon knows for sure and only after he has inspected and run diagnostics. It could be as simple as a plugging in a loose a connector or flex cable, replacing the LCD and/or assorted circuit boards, etc. The impact could have messed up mechanical precision as well. However last time I was at Canon Service they had a minimum rate of about $200 to cover labor plus parts.
    The wee film of plastic optimistically labelled a "screen protector" is designed to protect from light scratches and offers no protection against impact, EMR, water or alcoholic beverages.
  3. I'd take this as a chance to update. I'd look at a refurbished EOS 7D to replace it, or if you want to save money maybe a 60D or refurbished 60D.
    I suspect any repair Canon will do will cost a substantial proportion of the camera's current value which is between $250 and $300 going by recent eBay sales.
  4. I am not certain that I remember this correctly, but I believe that if you enter the repair on Canon's site, it may echo back the minimum repair. However, I suspect that Bob A is right.
  5. look up\"canon loyalty program"
    they will accept a canon camera and sell you a refurb compatible camera
    you may only need to exchange the basic body
    talk to canon repair first
    some say this is a requirement.
  6. Oops...
  7. I dropped my 40D at the Hoover Dam almost exactly one ago to the day and smashed the LCD. The 18-55 IS was also broken in two. However my 40D continued to work for the rest of my west coast trip.
    I had the 40D sent to Canon and I think it cost $150. It is as good as new now.
    Ed K.
  8. I think I paid around $210 for repairing my 40D. Tripod with camera toppled over at a Revolutionary war reenactment. My local shop shipped it out for me.
  9. Thanks to all. I'll check up on the loyalty program. I found out that Canon's repair facility in New Jersey is a short drive for
    me. I think I will run it over next week and see what they say.
  10. I looked at prices for actually sold 40Ds working (not parts only) bodies on eBay. They go for as low as US150 up to around $300. A few months ago, I got a like-new 50D for about $400. At these prices, repair is not very attractive.
    Definitely check out the loyalty program, but also take a look at newer models, used.
  11. I have known a few people who did a similar thing to the 40d and theirs was fixable without a ton of cost,have you attepmted to plug the
    camera to the compiuter by USb and see if there is any commniucation btween the two,and i would try and use the software and see if
    you can get the camera to flash or fire while using the software, that came with the camera, if your very mechanically inclided the LCD is.
    Easy to replace and there is dozens of YOUTUBE vids to show u how step by step and , u can buy a parts camera cheap enough,i dont.
    Know how much money. You have tied up in lens, but if that happens to be a small amount and your not dead set on a Dslr ,like the
    20,30,40 d etc, I just bought the wife a canon powershot sx50 that is a dslr with a 50x optic glass 12mp with an insane ability to shoot
    high def still at 13x19 under super low light and its availableat amazon for 389 and at adorma s well, she likes it because its lite weight
    and we can still use alll of our canon flashes, a fairly famous photographer named David zeisers , brought one to a seminar a few weeks
    ago and he. Printed the sx50 shots and they were. Incredible, he still uses he 5d mark iii but he said he never. Shooots any thng without
    the sx50 around, so i figured if he made that mich use if it so could i and thast what i did, mind ya i still have my. 40d and etc
    There is a camera store in louisviile ky that is very reasonable on labor, if your interested, but truthfully if its fixable i bet yu could do it on
    your own.I hope it turns out well,there are still a gew places to get 40ds. New for under 800 hundred , i just bouth one from a pro in San
    Francsico and its only had. 4k shutter clicks and i gave 400 to the front door.
  12. I just spoke with a Canon loyalty program rep. If I return the broken 40D, I can buy a refurbished 60D for $575 or a 70D for $960. They don't have any 50Ds in stock. It does not seem repair is worth it and I do not have the patience to make the repair, even if possible, myself. The 60D is more in our budget range but I will let my wife make the decision as it is her call in the end. BTW, the refurbished bodies come with a 90-day warranty.
    However, my wife just brought up a good point: We have half a dozen batteries for the 40D and the battery grip. If they cannot be used on the 60D or 70D, it means I have to buy all new spares and a new battery grip. So it may make more sense to buy a used 50D from B&H, KEH, et al.
  13. I had forgot, actually, but having a lot of the BP511 batteries was another reason I went to the 50D. I had to be patient to get the ~$400 price, but they do sell for that when you hit it right, sometimes even a little less.
  14. My wife wants to see the cost of repair just in case we get off easy. I will running the body down to Canon and see what
    they tell me, but it seems from their website that they will need to keep the camera to give an estimate.
  15. Well, I took the 40D down to Canon last week. The estimated cost of repairs was quoted as $475, way too much to spend.
    My wife decided to junk it and already placed an order with KEH for a used 50D. This way the batteries, grip, etc. all work with the 50D and no need to junk all the spare batteries, memory cards, etc. that won't word on a 60D. They had a "like new" model available for $425, which should arrive in a few days.
  16. We had problems with the 50D and had to exchange it. KEH is great, they took it back without any fuss, even paid return shipping and shipping of the replacement unit. They are fantastic.

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