400/2.8 and monopod

Discussion in 'Sports' started by arthuryeo, May 7, 2008.

  1. At about 10lbs + camera body, weighing around 13lbs in total, can a good monopod
    handle this lens well?
  2. Sure. I've got one of the larger Manfrotto 3-section aluminum models (the 681B), with a single-movement swivel head... and I think you could perch a couple of turkey vultures on that thing. I'd stay away from the really delicate hiking-oriented flavors, to be sure.

    There are lots to choose from out there. But just as an example, right here is Manfrotto's chart showing the max loads their models can take. The 681 is substantial, and can handle 12kg... that's just over 26 pounds.
  3. I use 680b whenever using 400mm f2.8 and occasionally with 300mm f2.8 (mostly hand-held) without problem. I prefer the 680b for shorter collapsed dimension and since I typically shoot from lower angle, 4-section vs. 3-section is never an issue. A handful of other shooters at games (Times, Tribunes, Heralds, AP, Gettys, etc.) use carbon fiber Gitzos with locking collars, but I prefer locking levers for faster adjustment when I need to go higher or lower. For sports, you don't really need any ball head (quick-release is optional) and just attach lens to monopod and keep lens collar loose.
  4. When I bought my Manfrotto monopod 20 years ago they only had two models and I bought the taller one. Works great to this day with my D2X and 400/2.8. I too mount it directly to the lens.
  5. Yes it can handle it - no worries, i am planning on adding a Wimbereley mount to my monopod as well. Should make life easier
  6. Thanks, guys for the responses.
  7. Gitzo GM-5540 carbon fiber monopod.

    G-Lock is super rigid.

    No head, no quick release.

    You want as little weight as possible.

    Those extra pounds matter when you're hauling the beast all day.

    Finally, no monopod is complete without the ultra-chic Canon monopod pad.

    Red is good since it matched quite well with the fashionable NFL vest.

    But green is ultra rare.
  8. I like and use the standard heavier Gitzo monopods. The extra weight is really good for getting through crowds a bit easier and has come in handy when I had to nail someone who liked the idea of getting ahold of my cameras, until I nailed his ankle wiht the heavy end of the monopod.(broke the ankle and the monopod still works well)
  9. I use a Manfrotto 679B w/40D, grip and Sigma 120-300 f/2.8 (6# by itself). No problems on this end.
  10. Wait, you mean the monopod can come off the 400mm f/2.8? :-D

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