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  1. Well, another week has come and gone - and I woke up this morning, with the urge to post my latest... and yes, I had such a hard time waiting - decided I'd start the post myself. :) Yesterday was gorgeous, here in New England - lucky - because today it's off and on rain. Here are a few shots that I enjoyed taking with my 43mm.
  2. another _
  3. and... another
  4. finally ...
  5. Great, Spring!
  6. I needed a break from flower photos so I took my k100d with me staffing the watershed association table at the Eco-Festival.



  7. I few weeks ago I was in Fort Lauderdale and just got around to processing my photos. I only took the DA10-17, 43 limited and Sigma 70-300 APO. I think the Sigma / Tamron 70-300 may just be a couple of the best lens buys out there. <p><p>

    Sigma 70-300mm APO <p>
    <img src="http://rogerrobbins.com/pnet/FLL-003.jpg">


    Pentax 10-17mm Fisheye
    <img align=middle src="http://rogerrobbins.com/pnet/FLL-004.jpg">
  8. Dynamite surfer, Roger! I love the shadow of his foot on the board.
  9. Thanks Dave! Small correction, That second surfer is also with the Sigma 70-300, Obviously not the Fisheye. /Roger
  10. Roger, those are great! Although #2 just changed from sun on flowers to another surfer, also good. Rose, the color purple is my favorite of those,although the backlit tulips are nice too. I have a ton of shots this week, as my daughter had her 4th birthday party yesterday - a "Princess Tea Party". Needless to say, lots of cuteness, although much of what I got doesn't rise above point and shoot. Still, loving the kit lens +/- flash for this type of thing. I confess I occasionally use the "picture modes" on my K100d - they do work well sometimes!
  11. And after, once i finished assembling a present or two.
  12. love that first shot, Nick!
    here's a few from my first wedding:
  13. Adam, the wedding photos are really terrific! I know that was a source of some anxiety for you--you must be very relieved. Congratulations! pleased.
  14. trw


    Like shooting fish in a barrel....
  15. So many nice shots!

    Yes, Adam, the wedding came out really fine!

    Rose, I like the purple one especially too.

    Roger, fabulous surfer shots- WOW!!! You had me thinking there, fisheye??! How close did you have to get?
  16. Beautiful photographs, thanks for showing them! Young "Moses" fits in your hand and has to be feeded by hand because he can not hold food with his mouth yet. A few quick snaps I made for a friend after work 2 weeks ago.
  17. Here's a shot with the DA 200mm. Not all that crisp because it was taken from behind a window. I was cleaning out mt slingshot bag at the time.
  18. Night shot DA 18-55mm.
  19. Another great start to the upcoming week. Some great shots for all so far. Me? Still playing with the 300/4.5 with 1.7 attached. Getting a little tired of the brown grass and lack of colour. [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  20. Sorry everyone, I'll have to size the pictures a little smaller next time.
  21. Awesome work gang. Love those action (surfing) shots Roger. I had a busy week what with my nephews wedding last weekend and my continued struggle to get a B/W from my K10D that I like. It's getting there but maybe I'm too fussy. Just love my HP5 and Tri-X too much so....keep trying. Here's one from my ongoing series of "Trouble In The Forest.
  22. And maybe a couple from the wedding. I cannot say enough good things about "Wedding Photographers"! What a lot of work. Nobody cooperates, everybody has a camera, I got strobed , How many times?...what a lot of work. I don't think I'll be doing that for a living any time soon. Anyways, I watched this nephew being born (home birth and I stuck my head around the corner...bad uncle!) and now I'm seeing him married. Gad! I'm getting old.
  23. And just after the "I do's".
  24. Good start Rose! I must admit, I have nothing dramatic to offer, especially after looking at all the great photos already posted. I decided to get out an old lens, the Pentax SMC 1:1.2 50mm. It weighs almost as much as the k10d! Here are some shots from the Desert botanical gardens where the cacti are starting to bloom.
  25. Smc 50mm 1.2
  26. Same lens 50mm 1.2
  27. Last one. I am not sure what there are.. they were in the 'succulents' section of the gardens.
  28. Great stuff everyone! I'm doing house chores at the moment, so no time to process the week's photos. Maybe later this evening.

    Rose, when did you get the 43mm...?????? [looks suspiciously at Rose's post]
  29. Another DA 50-200mm pic.
  30. Haig: Those "living stone" succulents have always fascinated me, too--nice rendering!

    Scott: I was trying to figure out how best to shoot those pine flowers just the other day. I'll turn my attention to other things now--you've done it to perfection!
  31. Duane, try writing a caption for your posted pics, that way they'll appear inline instead of as a link.
  32. a fantastic b&w, Scot.
  33. Definitely not as good as what Peter has got (re his GBH shot). Took that a few hours ago.

    There is cluttered background of images of a GBH rookery in Toronto I went this afternoon. Good part is that once I was there, the birds had to come to me. I was within 100 ft of around 10 of them. That was the easy part.
    The hard part is that it is in the middle of a wetland/marsh . All their nests are around 90 ft high and with dense trees all around them. I could hear them a lot. Majority of the time that was about it. Taking pictures were just pain.

    <img src="http://www.pbase.com/danieltong/image/96230226/original.jpg">

    <img src="http://www.pbase.com/danieltong/image/96230227/original.jpg">

    <img src="http://www.pbase.com/danieltong/image/96230225/original.jpg">

    <img src="http://www.pbase.com/danieltong/image/96230222/original.jpg">

    At long last a luck shots . A so-called unobstructed and heavily cropped one

    <img src="http://www.pbase.com/danieltong/image/96230224/original.jpg">

    Daniel, Toronto
    p.s. all taken with A300mmF4
  34. Daniel: I love that first shot.. not that the others are shabby! <p>
    Dave: Thanks, I was unaware of the name of these succulents. Nice shot of the basketball players.. was that ball coming or going? <p>
    Peter: Those reflections are super. The three boats is my favorite. <p>
    Roger: Superbly captured surfer. I especially like the one with the 10-17 fish eye.. shows you how weatherproof the k10d is! LOL <p>
    Nick: She's just adorable. Both photos are actually very charming. <p>
    And Rose who started all this :) I think your red tulips are pretty special. <p>
    Adam: Well done for your first wedding. I've done a couple myself as a favor for some friends, and it is tough and nerve-racking even tho I was not even getting paid :) <p>
    Markus: Moses is cute.. I used to feed mine cucumber peels, he loved it. <p>
    Scott: Your pine cones came out really well. Tough shot to get the right lighting and contrast on those little suckers.
  35. You know me... still chasing the soccer kids.
  36. not a lot of action here.
  37. listen to the coach
  38. Now the bigger kids
  39. ACK! let's try that again...
  40. Why is this happening?
  41. but the winning spirit prevails.
  42. Abe, that's a great shot.. 'Problem with Offense' Great action, and the expression on the kid's face is priceless.
    As for the blue toenails.. Just think, if they were not in the picture, you would still be racking your brains to give the photo a title :) lol.
  43. Haig: "was that ball coming or going?" I've been wondering the same thing myself (can't recall.) I think, looking at the dynamics, going.
  44. Daniel: The herons are terrific! They really convey a sense of being there. It's one thing to shoot birds out in the open, quite another in the woods. The last is my favorite--really dynamic!
  45. Haig, no way. Ryan always gives me inspiration for captions. He's a gem! Besides, that's his mom with the paint!

    I'm having fun with my Sigma 70-300 APO at 1/750 shutter speed. I find it pretty sharp (I assume you caught that little bit of backwash in Ryan's water bottle...). I need to practice with the auto-focus, though... haven't mastered that aspect, even with the not-quite-adult-speed of these soccer games.
  46. The thread has grown beyond individual comments, so I'll just single out my favourites (while making it clear that I like all the posted pics): Rose's red tulips; Roger's surfers; Daniel's 1st pic, it looks like a concord!

    Here are my contributions. First, further proof that Spring has arrived in Boston (and that close focus and narrow DoF still make life difficult):
    Spring arrives in Beantown!

    This is the first in a series I shot the other day as my wife enjoyed the morning Sun. I'm starting to really like that Jupiter 85/2; I call it Tanky.
    Caressed by the Sun I
  47. No, Mis - I haven't cheated - I bought the 43mm in the first week of January.

    The photos this week are inspirational - all the action shots - the surfers, the socker players, the cranes - I'm in awe. :)

    I attempted to take a shot of bumble bees yesterday with zero luck. It may be that fear prevents me from getting close enough - but, those darn bees don't seem to trust me either, every time I would get close they'd fly off. I have about half a dozen pictures of tiny bee flying away as quick as it's tiny wings can take it.

    Keep them coming, folks. :)
  48. I know you're not cheating Rose, but I didn't remember you mentioning the 43mm (on the other hand, you talk about the 21mm a lot). So Rose, do you really need the 31mm to fill the gap between the 21mm and the 43mm? Are feet not enough? Somebody told me I should ask myself these questions before buying a lens... ;-)

    OK, Spring has arrived in Boston, exhibit B:
    The Path to Spring
  49. Mis, your first photo is downright stunning. the color and light are magical, and I love how the DOF isolates the two flowers facing the camera. WELL DONE!
  50. Most of all I am impressed by Roger's surving pics: top-quality !

    Last week I came across this little cemetry, it inspired me to get into manipulation of images, something I feel I need to master.

    <img src="http://www.footo.nl/userfotos/716oo96807733746.jpg">

    <img src="http://www.footo.nl/userfotos/716oo178334236663.jpg">

    This tower was 'discovered' last saturday, only a few miles from my house !

    <img src="http://www.footo.nl/userfotos/716oo51646858244.jpg">
  51. Amazing how no one noticed that tower until last Saturday! It's, what: about 1,000' tall? ;>) Nice work!
  52. O Shiva wrote: "it inspired me to get into manipulation of images, something I feel I need to master."

    You seem quite masterful as it is! :) I love the cemetery shots, and not just because of the manipulation, but it does enhance them.

    Thanks for your comments Adam. I crouched over these little flowers for about 10 minutes (I'm sure the people walking by on the street thought I was a bit crazy) trying to get the focus plane I wanted; I'm still not 100% happy. But it was the colour that drew me to them in the first place, so I'm glad you liked it.
  53. Wow, some great shots. Um, way to many photos to even attempt to compliment each one individually. I will say Daniel, nice work with finding the rookery those are some unique shots. The GBH is I think my favorite bird, and if it's not, it's in the top 5.
    Peter, the 3 boat shot really catches my eye. Not sure why specifically, but it's very pleasing.
    Oshiva, nice work with the 'shoping, not much into manipulation but they look great to me.
    javier, only in california!!!
    mis, nice series.
    Roger, how did you use the 10-17 without getting in the water? Or were you in the water? You are ruining my surfing photo advice that states "don't even bother with less than 300mm unless you have a waterproof housing and are going in the water"
    Scot, love the B&W shot. Well done.
    Well my contribution...from 2004, just pulled from the archives and uploaded.
  54. Mis - you're right in many ways - my 'mid' range of primes is loaded, my wide and telephoto is light.

    I have 21mm, 35mm, 43mm, 50mm, and 100mm. The shopper in me knows I should next get the 77mm rather than the 31mm - but, I was considering to upgrade the 35mm with the well-reviewed 31mm... Not necessary - but nice.

    That's what the hiatus is doing for me ... leaving me open to dream of really spectacular glass and consider it ok to put it on my 'to buy' list. :)
  55. O' Shiva - What AWESOME pics! Whatever you did - I'm going to have to learn that... :) Beautiful sky capture in first shot. Second shot - looks spooky - I can well imagine the spirits floating around over their graves. And Tower - great angle! :)
  56. Thanks for the kind words on the surfer pics folks. I'm happy with them. Being a North Texas guy it's fun to get to do something different. All the Surfer shots were taken from the beach with the Sigma 70-300 APO. The second photo was originally a flower from the same trip taken with the 10-17 fisheye, then I decided to swap file names on my server and replace it with another of the surfer series: I didn't want to post too many photos. What is too many photos in the picture of the week category? <p>

    Folks there are some fantastic shots this week and I've enjoyed everyone.

    Peter, I love the boats. I can see that framed and hanging. <p>

    O Shiva, You remind me how far I have to go in Photoshop. I like the series. <p>

    And Those GBH, shots... Man that bird looks prehistoric.


    Here's the Flower taken with the 10-17 Fisheye. <p>
    <img src="http://rogerrobbins.com/pnet/FLL-006.jpg">

    One More of the Surfer Pics. I like the lines on this one.
    <img align=middle src="http://rogerrobbins.com/pnet/FLL-005.jpg">
  57. Whoa! Am I late to the party or what?! Really great selection of shots! Won't comment on any specifically yet.
    This week I'm going to try and post slightly smaller images that are easier to view. Maybe it's just because so many pics are already up - and someone has already asked how many is too much!
    First is my favorite, found this worm making a great meal out of a leaf. This was taken with my 2X macro.
    A larger version is on my portfolio.
    Next are some shots from school, both kids and colleagues. [​IMG]
    Dodge Ball - DA 50-200 @ 200mm, f5.6, 2000/sec
    Walk the Line - DA 50-200 @ 200mm, f5.6, 1500/sec
    Dodge Ball #2 - 50-200 @ 200mm, f5.6, 1500/sec
    Playground Conference - Tamron SP 500mm, f8, ISO 800, 750/sec
    The Pleasure of Movement - Tamron SP 500mm, f8, ISO 800, 1500/sec
    And last, a pigeon.
    Check out the one-eyed Pentax dude checking me out!
    A few of these were shot with my Tamron SP 500mm/f8. Miserere, where is your recent mirror acquisition? Taking anything with it? Anyone else shooting with a mirror lens regularly - or occasionally? Love to see more.
  58. By the way, the pigeon was also shot with the Tamron, ISO 800, 180/sec, handheld - Shake Reduction rocks!

    Ok, having had time to look through, there are so many great shots, but these are my favorites:

    Roger - great surfing shots.

    Peter Zack - I like those boats.

    Scott - another great b&w.

    Abe - love "Problem with Offense"

    Mis - "Spring arrives" is great, but I love the "Path to Spring" even more!

    O Shiva - great mood in the cemetery!
  59. Hi Garry
    soon I restart my travels to the Swiss mountains for paid work and will bring back some photos with the Tamron SP 500mm mirror lens on the K10D as well. But I will use the A 50mm macro and A-24mm and a tele around 100mm most of the time for some panorama stitches later on the pc :)
  60. More evidence that spring has finally arrived in the northeast. I gave one of my cheapest lenses, the F 35-70 f/3.5-4.5 and its macro mode a whirl around my yard to capture anything that appeared to be blooming. It was overcast so I could have used a little more light, but here is one of the standouts:
    Weeping Cherry
  61. WOW. this week is all around amazing! There's just way too much to comment on. Shiva: LOVE the cemetary, really really like the PP you gave it. wow. Adam: and you were nervous about this wedding? That's 3 great shots!! I would be very proud to put all 3 of em out in a portfolio. Beautiful! I'm going to post this one for matt, since he won't be home for about an hour. One of our babysitters had a baby Friday. This is the proud daddy holding his 9 hour old girl.
  62. as for me - I had a senior photo shoot on Tue, in Old Town (you know the place - loft apartments and bars in old warehouses). Found this on a building we used. Next time I'm in the area, i'm going to have to take a ladder along, so I can get level to the design. I'll also need to make sure I'm holding the camera straight. whoops!
  63. And a joke for your week. This is why we focus on location photography, but when the room we call "the studio" isn't available, the living room is. Last time we shot in the living room (for medieval fair samples), we had the backdrop infront of the french door. problem: I was standing in the kitchen to do so (behind the white rail on the far, far left. The couch, at that time, was where the backdrop is in this shot. I like going vertical - lotsa space. Also made an excuse for me to finally do a little rearranging in the l.r. Also like this shot, because it makes the l.r. look nice & big!
  64. Maria: If you had taken that last shot from Behind the fish tank, you would not have needed the fish-eye.. <p>
    Mis: Those blue flowers are awesome <p>
    O Shiva: The cemetery #1 and the tower are masterfully done.. <p>
    I must say.. the photos from this week are exceptional from everyone, thanks for sharing them :)
  65. Oh I can't resist piling on the "Spring Fever"
  66. Javier - I love the pregnant "lady in pink" pics, especially posing and then checking the preview. :)
  67. I am late to the party. Outstanding photos from you all. Roger's pictures on surfing sticks on my mind days after seeing the pictures. The various wedding pictures from Adam and Scot are outstanding. Javier, the fishing lines are great shots, I feel like weekend in the see fishing lines photos. Nick, Abe and Gary, the cutest shots go to you three on children. Mis, your wife is so pretty and mystic in the shot, I love your b&w work. And Rose and Haig, thanks for the flower shots. And Shiva, I can't take my mind off your post processing work, amazing work you have. Maria, I can sleep in your living room and take a lesson on becoming a strobist. And Peter and Daniel, you make us want to upgrade our tele. Justin, how can you have a scan picture this pretty and vivid. All are outstanding work.

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