3rd party K10D grip w/ TWO shutter releases!

Discussion in 'Pentax' started by scott_gardner|1, Oct 24, 2007.

  1. Checked the archives and the last mention of something like this was in June,
    so . . .

    Have you tried this?


    I really like the idea of two shutter releases.

  2. I would not buy this. Sure, it has 2 shutter releases; but it doesn't have the 2 control wheels, the EV, or the AE-lock button. Futhermore, it doesn't look anywhere near as ergonomic as the real thing, and it costs way too much.
  3. I agree, The Pentax grip is almost perfect as it is and I like the contour of the front. Fits my hands perfectly and makes the camera almost more comfortable to shoot portrait than landscape. You'd loose this as well with the after market one. All I'd like to see on the Pentax grip is the AF button 1 cm under the front thumb wheel.

    They just tried to make something different to grab a buyers attention.
  4. Peter, I agree about the grip being perfect.

    I have contacted pentax asking for a grip firmware update to allow an AF button on it, I really only use the control wheels so either the green button, ev comp or AE-L would work just fine.

    Not sure why anyone would buy a 3rd party grip when the one that is made is so perfect, and it's weather sealed!!!!
  5. with 2 batteries, it will be really heavy and I'd question the cameras balance with it on.

    also, is there a lock on either of the additional shutters? the pentax grip has an on/off switch like the main switch.

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