$375 for GH1 .. Remember?

Discussion in 'Olympus' started by rdm, Mar 29, 2012.

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    Does anyone remember when over a year ago Panasonic was clearing out their GH1 stock and was selling GH1 bodies with purchase of 14-42mm kit lenses for $375 with the EPP or through their Facebook page, or for just under $430?
    So how come used GH1 bodies are selling for more than $450 or $500 on the used market? They were less than that for new ones a year ago..lol
    Am i the only one that finds this odd?
  2. supply and demand
  3. Dan, just because a product is being clearanced at the end of life doesn't mean that that is the value of it. Panasonic had some stock that they wanted to clear out to make room for the GH2, so they decided to do a marketing stunt that would free up some warehouse space, plus give them a lot of social network followers in the process. Olympus, as a marketing campaign, gave out 1,000 free E-PM1's to show what the camera is capable of in a layman's hands:
    Does that mean that I have a right to complain about the PEN, which should be worth $0 today? Best Buy, when the D300s came out, clearanced a few leftover D300 boxes that they had on the shelf for $900. Circuit City, when the D90 came out, clearanced the D80 for $350. I'm sorry that you want a GH1 and are unable to find one, but you don't seem to have a very good understanding of economics or market systems.
  4. This happens somewhat frequently, especially with products that are very good (or perceived as such) and have built up a big following. I remember the Fuji F30 and F31 selling for double their original price almost a year after they were discontinued. The same thing has happened with the Pentax 35/2 lens -- a few years ago you could buy one brand new for $299 (and that was the everyday normal price, not a special "closeout" deal); now used ones are selling for $450. I'm sure there are many other examples.
  5. LOL! Ariel, you hit the nail on the head!
    It's amazing how many "Wah! I can't find a $4000 camera for under $25!" whines there are on the internet. Bob wants to pay far less than market value for an item. Joe sells all his items at fair market value. Bob comes online to complain he can't figure out a way to beat the market. Joe goes on with life selling things, oblivious to Bob's whining. :)
    The alternative thread is "I don't see why product X costs this much because product z (which is claimed to be superior) costs far less!".
  6. Patrick, you forgot the, "my camera is a better brand than yours" type arguments, because the poster lucked out and found their camera on clearance, and is now comparing it to the non-sale prices of competitor systems. Great, my great-grandfather gave me his Leica for free, so what? If you wanted to do it all over again right now, could you? If it's not replicable today, it's not applicable today. A once-in-a-blue-moon opportunity is not the standard for how things work. That GH1 deal was not openly available, as dan mentions. You had to either work for a company that had an employee purchase program deal set up with Panasonic, or you had to be following them on Facebook. Easy enough if you're told about it on a forum like here, but otherwise it's just dumb luck whether you got that deal or not. It's not like that price was available at every local camera shop.
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    lol ... thank Pat and Ariel for those responses & comments , they were pretty funny. I appreciate the humor after the week I had.

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