365 Day Thread for 2021

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  1. For the 3rd. RTSII with C/Z 35/2.8 on Kentmere 100 in Pyro HD. Part of an ISO Test Series.

    EI100 Auto.jpg

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  2. Leica M4 and 18mm f3.8 Super Elmar, with Kodak Portra 160 in the Arts District of downtown Dallas, Texas.

  3. For the 5th. Olympus OM-4 : 135mm Olympus E.Zuiko Auto-T f/3.5 : Ilford Delta 400 : PMK Pyro

    Dining Out 2021

    Dining Out 2021 copy.jpg
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  4. AJG


    For April 6: Contax IIIa, 135 f/4 Sonnar, Tri-X in HC 110 Dilution B
  5. EA220-006 (2) (Copier).jpg
    For the 7th
    Ensign Selfix 220 Autorange Ensar 4.5/75 Ilford Pan F50
  6. 8th. Fed-3 / Jupiter-8, UFX 400 @ 250, Pyrocat HDC & V600 scan. Aloha, Bill 2k21-021-015 ces5 bm.jpg
  7. For the 9th
    Ensign Selfix 220 Autorange
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  8. For the 10th
    Friday morning sidewalk in Tupelo, MS. Olympus OM-1 with Zuiko 35mm f 2.8. Kentmere 100
  9. For the 11th
    IMG_Kunst op straat.jpg
    Minolta Himatic 7S Ilford HP5+
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  10. AJG


    For April 12: Contax IIa, 13.5 cm f/3.5 Nikkor _IMG7940PN.jpg
  11. ]


    Get this car up to 88 MPH, we need to do some time travelling. Back to 1960 or so. I need me a cheap Leica Screw Mount body and a 35 and 50mm lens or so. Mike, love your posts, and your images. Wish I could have bought a Konica Auto S2 from your family new. And a nice Minolta SRT body and a few Rokkors or Celtics. And some nice film to go with them and some filters.
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  12. For the 13th. Nikon F4S : 28-105 AF Nikkor f/3.5-4.5D : Kentmere 100 : PMK Pyro

    D Vine copy.jpg
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  13. Fed-3 / Jupiter-8, UFX 100, Pyrocat HDC & V600 scan. Aloha, Bill 2k21-024-001 ces3 bc 4x6.jpg
  14. [​IMG]
    Canon Powershot G11
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  15. B&H sold me $500 of short dated film. Recieved April, 2021, "Process Before 2021-5".

    People should know of the service to expect.

    See below.
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  16. For the 17th:
    This is a scan from a print that I made several years ago. On some of the last Kodak E finish paper I had and I sepia toned it with the two bath Kodak toner solution. Scanned the 4x6 print.
    Youngest son (he's now 25) Yashica FX-3 Super 2000 with CZ 45mm f 2.8, Plus-X
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  17. m42dave

    m42dave Dave E.

    Filling in for the 18th. Kowa H, Fomapan 100, medium yellow filter.

    Backyard, Kowa H.jpg
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  18. B&H has arranged a full return and refund quickly and without argument. So that part went quite well.
  19. Here is one taken a few years ago (mid 70's) with my then Calumet 4x5 & a Caltar 210mm lens. Tri-X & 1:1 D-76. This set was part of the kit "gifted" to young gun Cloven. Very happy to see it has started a LFGAS attack ! 2k20-4x5-560-002 ce r9.5k s10 bc rff.jpg . Go Brad, Go. Aloha, Bill
  20. AJG


    For April 20: Contax IIIa, 8.5 cm F/2 Sonnar Tri-X in HC 110 Dil. B _IMG7960PN.jpg

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