365 Day Thread for 2021

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  1. For the 20th. Minolta Dynax A7 : 35-70mm Minolta AF f/4 : Astrum Foto-100 : PMK Pyro


  2. Watt's Branch, Maryland


    Pentax AP, 35mm f/4 Takumar
  3. [​IMG]
    Voigtlander Bessa 66 Heliar 3.5/75 Ilford Delta 100
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  4. Time to catch up. Here's one to cover the 23rd.
    less traveled roads were still icy over the weekend, Minolta XE-5 with Celtic 35mm f 2.8 MD
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  5. AJG


    For 2/24: Contax III, 13.5 cm f/4 Sonnar, Tri-X in JC 110 dil. B CommonsWest_1.jpg
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  6. AJG


    For 2/25: Contax III, 8.5 cm f/2 Sonnar, Tri-X in HC 110, dil. B FloatingLeaves_1.jpg
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  7. For the 26th
    Yashica D Illford HP5
  8. For the 27th
    ice and snow from last week, Minolta XE-5 with MD Celtic 35mm f 2.8, Ilford FP4+
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  9. For the 28th. Minolta Dynax A7 : 35-105mm Minolta f/3.5-4.5 : Astrum Foto-200 : PMK Pyro


    Textures Shadows copy.jpg
  10. For the 1st
    Moskwa269 (Copier).jpg
    Moskva 4 Industar 4.5/110
  11. For the 2nd. Minox 35GT : 35mm Color-Minotar f/2.8 ; Kentmere 100 : PMK Pyro

    Cabbage Tree.jpg
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  12. For the 4th
    Nagel Vollenda Laudar 4.5/105 Ilford Delta 100
    Nagel Vollenda Laudar571 (Copier).jpg
  13. For the 5th.
    Mamiya M645 Kodak Porta 400
  14. For the 6th-
    Officer's Lake (between West Point and Columbus MS), Minolta SRT 102, Arista EDU 100
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  15. Agfa super solinette- (9) (Copier).jpg
    Agfa Super Solinette Solinar 3.5/50
  16. Natural Oils Perfume, Kailua Town Farmers Market. Zorki-4 / Jupiter-8, Astrum FN-64 @ 50asa, Hypercat. Aloha, Bill 2k21-013-012 ces10 sqr bc 4x6.jpg
  17. Recovered_JPEG_875 (Copier).jpg
    For the 9th
    Voigtlander Vitessa Ultron 2/50
  18. AJG


    For 3/10--Contax IIa 50 mm f/3.5 Tessar Tri-X in HC 110 Dilution B FlyingFish_1.jpg
  19. For the 11th
    Minolta Himatic 7S AGFA Vista 400
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  20. AJG


    For 3/12 (my birthday) Contax IIIa, 8.5 cm f/2 Sonnar, Tri-X in HC 110 Dil. B


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