365 Day Thread for 2021

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  1. m42dave

    m42dave Dave E.

    Filling in for the 8th. FED 50, ColorPlus 200, skylight filter.

    Lakeside, FED 50.jpg

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  2. For the 9th. Canon T90 : Tamron Adaptall-2 35-135mm f/3.5-4.5 (Model 40A) : Kentmere 100 : PMK Pyro


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  3. For the 10th
    Canon T70 FD 35-70 mm f2.8-3.5 SSC
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  4. For the 11th
    Canon T70 FD 35-70 mm f2.8-3.5 SSC
  5. For the 12th. Minolta Alpha (Dynax) 7 : Minolta 28-105mm f/3.5-4.5 : Kentmere 100 : PMK Pyro


  6. I will take the 13th. Beach in Florianopolis, Brazil. Vivitar USW, Fuji 100 film.

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  7. Here's one to make up for the 14th
    pre covid stadium crowd at Mississippi State University, Rollei B35 with Fuji Superia 200
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  8. Green Gulch School Smaller.jpg

    Green Gulch Schoolhouse, in the extreme S.E. corner of WA State below Asotin.

    Nagaoka Seisakusho 4x5 (as "Calumet Woodfield"), Rodenstock Grandagon 90mm f/6.8 @ f/22, Fuji Provia 100F, NCPS, Epson V800.
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  9. To make up for the 16th
    Fall decorations, Olympus XA (slow shutter speed at f 4) Fuji Superia 200
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  10. Here's one for today, the 17th November. Kodak Ektar 100, practice LTL, 50mm Carl Zeiss Jean Pancolar lens
  11. For the 18th
    sitting in car waiting to pick up pizza, Konica C35 V, Ilford HP5+
  12. For 19th, fishing boat in Buceo pier, Montevideo. Canonet first version, Fuji 100 film.


    This Canonet was given to a friend a long time ago.
  13. For the 20th. Pentax Super A : 35-70mm SMC Pentax AF f/2.8-3.5 : Arista EDU Ultra 100 : PMK Pyro


  14. We missed the 21st-
    close up of Mini Cooper, Konica C35 V, HP5+
  15. 22 November, flame ON
    Kodak Ektar 100, Praktica LTL with its Carl Zeiss Jena Pancolar 50mm lens

  16. For the 23rd
    pre-covid tailgating at Mississippi State University, Rollei B35 with Fuji Superia 200
  17. For the 24th
    Canon T70 FD 28 mm f2.8
  18. For the 25th
    looking up, Minolta XE-5 with MD Celtic 28mm f 2.8, K2 filter, Kentmere 100
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  19. The 26th is still available if anyone's interested.
  20. For the 26th, somewhere along U.S. Route 60 in West Virginia (aka The Midland Trail). Canon AL1, Kodachrome 64.

    WVa Waterfall.jpg
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