365 Day Thread for 2021

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  1. For the 4th. Kiev 88CM : 80mm Volna-3 f/2.8 : Arista EDU Ultra 400 : PMK Pyro

    Watching You...

    Watching You copy.jpg

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  2. For the 5th. Unusual street name. Leicaflex SL, 50mm, Kentmere 100, 2 bath.

    Summer 2021 032 resized.jpg
  3. For the 6th. Fed-2 / Jupiter-8, Astrum 100, Pyrocat HDC & v800 scan. 2k21-047b-029 ces5 bm 4x6.JPG
  4. For the 7th. Nikon FA : 105mm Nikkor-P Auto f/2.5 : Kentmere 100 : PMK Pyro

    Chair after Chair

    Chair After Chair copy.jpg
  5. We're a few days behind so I'll fill in the 8th. Don't worry if you don't have any new images, posting an older image is fine.
    Here's one that I took several years ago.
    restored Sinclair sign, Minolta XEwith 50mm f 1.4 MC Rokkor, Arista Ultra 100
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  6. For the 9th, that was. No idea about camera or film. Probably Contax RTS2, probably Planarr f1.4, probably ilford delta 100.

    bosun jumping resized 002.jpg
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  7. Filling in the 10th. Kentmere 100 in the RTS II, Pyro HD.


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  8. For the 11th
    Voigtlander Vitesse Kentmere 400 from archive
  9. For the 12th, Argus Super 75, Holga 400 B&W, HC-110, Epson V600.
  10. ]


    Here's a shot from the Minolta SRT-101's maiden roll. Minolta SRT-101, 58 mm/f1.4 Rokkor lens, FujiColor C200. f8, 1/125 second. 000038080006.jpg
  11. ]


    Here's some more from the Minolta SR-T 101. Maiden Roll. Near Oak Ridge, TN, 58 mm, f1.4 Rokkor lens, FujiColor Superia 400, F8, 1/125 second.

  12. ]


    Here's one more from that Minolta SR-T 101, 58 mm/f1.4 Rokkor lens, FujiColor Superia 400 film, 1/60 second, f8. Jackson Square, Oak Ridge, TN!

  13. ], great results with that SRT 101 and 58mm f 1.4 MC Rokkor.
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    Indeed, great results. I am enjoying my Minolta SR-T 101; and that 58 mm, 1.4 Rokkor lens sure gives me nice images. Using a Gossen Luna Pro meter for the exposure metering. A superb tool. Thanks for making me so aware of the image quality of Minolta MC and MD lenses.
  15. 15th. Fed-2 / Jupiter-8, Astrum 100 @ 64, Pyrocat HDC, v800 scan. 2k21-040a-017 ce.JPG
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  16. I’ll take 16th. Kitesurfers in Jose Ignacio, Uruguay. Nikon F, 105/2.5 lens. FP4+ in Beutler, scanned in Epson V600.

  17. For the 17th. Nikon FA : 35-70mm Osawa MC f/3.5-4.5 : Kentmere 100 : PMK Pyro

    Hook Upon Hook

    Hook Upon Hook.jpg
  18. ]


    Here's a photo from the SRT-101's second roll. 58 mm/1.4 Rokkor, 1/60, 5.6 000038770011.jpg
  19. 19th from the archives. Minolta XE7 and 45mm F2.

  20. We're been falling behind, probably due to difficulties with access to the site. Here's one for the 20th. Nikon FA : 35-70mm Osawa MC f/3.5-4.5 : Kentmere 100 : PMK Pyro



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