365 Day Thread for 2020

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  1. for Friday 6 November, another from that first roll of Tri-X I was talking about earlier. This one's a bit less slick that some of the others shots off this roll. Voigtlander R3m, 40mm 1.4 Nokotn Classic OR 50mm f3.5 Heliar lens, I can't recall which... :-(

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  2. For the 7th : Cambo Wide with Sinar 6x12cm. rollfilm back : 65mm Schneider Kreuznach Super Angulon f/5.6 : Ilford FP4 Plus: PMK Pyro


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  3. For the 8th
    Praktica MTL 5 Auto Universar 23 mm f3.5 Kodak color 200
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  4. For the 9th
    Agfa super Solinette Solinar 3.5/50
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  5. For the 10th. Nikkormat FTn : 28mm Nikkor f/3.5 : Arista EDU Ultra 100 : PMK Pyro

    Settlers #5

    Settlers #5.jpg
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  6. [​IMG]
    For the 11
    Royer III, folding 6x9
    SOM Berthiot FLOR 3.5/105
    Ilford Delta 100
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  7. For the 13th
    Praktica MTL5 Auto Universar 23 mm f3.5 Kodak Color 200
  8. For the 14th:
    waiting to have a game, Olympus 35 RC, Kentmere 100 (I had to look for this one as I had accidentally put it in a folder with some 8000i photos)
  9. For the 15th
    Kiev II Jupiter 8 2/50
    Kiev 2 Jup543 (Copier).jpg
  10. For the 16th
    Praktica MTL5 Auto Universar 23mm f3.5 Kodak color 200
  11. For the 17th
    Voigtlander Vitessa Ultron 2/50
  12. For the 18th. Canon EOS30 : Tamron 17-35mm f/2.8-4 : Arista EDU Ultra 200 : PMK Pyro


  13. For the 19th
    Oyster port
    Voigtlander Vitessa Ultron 2/50
    Recovered_JPEG Digital Camera_1055.jpg
  14. For the 20th. Canon EOS30 : Tamron 17-35mm f/2.8-4 : Arista EDU Ultra 200 : PMK Pyro


  15. Seeing James Bryant's excellent Hasselblad images from 1972 in the weekly thread inspired me to see just what images I had from that year. Obviously no Hasselblad images (still haven't bought one yet) and at the time I didn't own a 35mm camera yet although my dad let me use his Mamiya Sekor 1000 TL and Voigtlander Vitessa L. Until 1974 I usually got by with an Instamatic if I wasn't borrowing the Mamiya. I was doing my own developing by then so from 1972, a shot from Instamatic 124 loaded with Verichrome Pan. Pretty sure the developer was D-76 since that's the only developer my dad kept for roll film and 35mm. Of course the 126 film fit the 35mm setting of the adjustable reel in the Ansco tank.
    truck accident, somewhere in Alabama
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  16. Thanks Mike. Until covid 19 gets under control, I will be getting into my archives more and more.
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  17. Thanks, James. I may have to go to my archives from time to time as well. I really need to scan some of my older negatives that I processed in the days before I had a scanner.
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  18. November 22
    Certosport Tessar 4.5/105
  19. 23 November
    VOigtlander R3m, 50mm Heliar lens, Tri-X 400


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