365 Day Thread for 2018

Discussion in 'Classic Manual Cameras' started by Mike Gammill, Jan 1, 2018.

  1. yeah I live in a city called Pflugerville just north of Austin Texas. Strong German influence here. We have Pfestivals, Pfairs , Pfarmers markets etc.
  2. And now a resident Pphotographer.
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  3. LMAO! God that's bad!
  4. Some things one can not resist !
  5. But, if the p's are silent, that would make him a ho-tographer, which has entirely different connotations :)
  6. 13th. M4, Summitar (old version, 1941 vintage) 50mm, Tri-X, Diafine.

  7. For the 14th. KX and smc Pentax-M 50mm f1.7 on Pancro 400 in TMax developer. Wet-scanned on the BSH & V700.

    May18KXM50Berg400Tmax69F1in9for9min (3).jpg

  8. 15th. Once again at the Sunday Market. Fed-2 / Jupiter-8, Kentmere 100, OA & V600 scan. Aloha, Bill 2k18-038-023 ces10 11x14 bc.jpg
  9. For the 16th. Bronica S2a : 75mm Nikkor-P f/2.8 : Kodak Ektacolor 160


  10. For the 17th. KX with Pentax-M 50/1.7. Pancro 400 in TMax. Wet-scanned on BSH/V700.

    May18KXM50Berg400Tmax69F1in9for9min (4).jpg

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  11. For the 18th

    Minolta Himatic 7S Berrger Pancro 400
  12. Before the 19th slips away in the US time zone. I came across 3 rolls that where scanned a bit ago, but had not been worked up 2k18-2k00-052-022 ces13 bc.jpg . Here is one shot. Taken at Brown's Point Light House in Tacoma Wa. K1000 & 50mm, Plus X & PMK-Pyro developer. V600 scan. Aloha, Bill
  13. For the 20th. Pentax 645N, 75mm SMC LS f2.8, Tmax400, Xtol/Rodinal.
    [​IMG] by bc50099
  14. For the 21st. Nikon Nikkormat FTn : Tamron Adaptall II 35-70mm CF Macro f/3.5 (Model 17A) : Arista EDU Ultra 100 : PMK Pyro

    Late Afternoon

    Late Afternoon copy.jpg
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  15. I continue to be impressed with that little Tamron 35-70. It is as compact as some lenses of this range that have variable maximum apertures. I must get mine out soon and put it to work.
  16. Mike Gammill said:
    Yes, I prefer it to the much-lauded Adaptall II 35-80mm f/2.8. Much less prone to flare.
  17. For the 22nd. Contax RTS II with CZJp 35mm f2.8 on Pancro 400 in Tmax Dev. Wet-scanned on BSH and V700. Cropped.


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  18. For the 23rd:
    In the days before autofocus slrs (family camera shop around 1976 or so), Konica Auto S2 with Tri-X
  19. It's the 24th somewhere! The neighbors across the street, with a dogwood in bloom.

    Calumet CC-400, Fujinon 90mm 5.6 SWD, Ilford FP4+, D-76 @ 1+1 for 10 Min, V800.

    Neighbors Trees V1 smaller.jpg

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