365 Day Thread for 2018

Discussion in 'Classic Manual Cameras' started by Mike Gammill, Jan 1, 2018.

  1. That's gorgeous!
  2. For the 21st. Minolta XG1 and Ozunon 28-80 f3.8-4.8. Arista 100 in Rodinal (1+50), wet-scanned on BSH/V700.

    July18XG1ZoomArista100Rod50for7min (1).jpg

  3. Enjoying the great variety and quality of the images here.,
  4. For the 23rd. Bronica ETRs : 150mm Zenzanon MC f/3.5 : Arista EDU Ultra 200 : PMK Pyro


    Patterns Pnet.jpg
  5. For the 24th. Pentax KX with SMC Pentax 135/2.5 on PanF+ in Pyro HD. Wet-scanned on BSH/V700.


  6. Nice shot there Tony. . I am sure these people serve beer ! What did you rate the F at & your time in the HD ? Aloha from the Mainland, Bill
  7. Bill,
    PanF exposed at 32. 10 mins in HD (1+1+100) @ 70F with 5 invs per min.
    Cheers, Tony
  8. For the 25gth. Intrepid 8x10, Nikkor 360mm, Fuji HRT Xray film (EI100), Rodinal rotary development.
    [​IMG] by bc50099
  9. Kiev 6c with a little Portra pair of ducks.jpg
  10. For the 28th. Pentacon Pentina M : 50mm CZJ Tessar f/2.8 : Arista EDU Ultra 100 : PMK Pyro

    Soon to Go

    Soon to Go.jpg

  11. A few years ago I bought a deep red (#29) filter. It doesn't get general use as the effect is so extreme. Here is an image from a few years back. I plan to use this filter more often as sometimes the extreme effect might be what I'm after.
    Flags, Minolta XE-5 with 50mm f 1.4 MC Rokkor, Tri-X with #29
  12. For the 30th. Pentacon Pentina M : 50mm CZJ Tessar f/2.8 : Arista EDU Ultra 100 : PMK Pyro.

    They never did get all the bugs out of the Pentina.

    First Rays.jpg

  13. For the 31st. Intrepid 8x10, Nikkor 120mm, Fuji HRT Xray film, Rodinal 1+100.
    [​IMG] by bc50099
  14. Beautiful shot, aside from the bug. That isn't really on the camera, is it? And, am I reading that right? Are they asking 400NZD for that bike?
    X-Ray film? That's interesting. Why X-Ray film?
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  15. m42dave

    m42dave Dave E.

    For Aug. 1st. Zenit KM Plus, MC Oberon-11K 200/2.8, Kodak Gold 200.

    Cafe Patio, Zenit KM Plus MC Oberon-11K.jpg

    Cafe Patio
  16. Davecaz said:
    The bug was most likely in the scanner, Dave, and I could remove it with a click of the mouse in Photoshop, but it amused me. Yes, $399 for the bike...Does that seem expensive or cheap?
  17. That the bug was in the scanner is even more surprising. As for the bike, unless it's a rare and highly desirable collector's item, $399 is crazy high in America. I could buy 8 similar bikes for the same price without even working hard at it.

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