365 Day Thread for 2017

Discussion in 'Classic Manual Cameras' started by mike_gammill, Dec 31, 2016.

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  1. From 2004, a negative developed then, but not scanned until this week.
  2. I wonder where he surfs in Kentucky. The Mississippi is not known for it's rolling breakers.
  3. Wanna bet he does not play NASCAR & "slip stream" some of the river boat wakes??
  4. For October 1. Canon T70 : 35-135mm Tamron Adaptall II f/3.5-4.5 (model 40A) : Kentmere 100 : PMK Pyro

    Good Advice

    Good Advice Pnet.jpg
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  5. Did we miss the 30th ?
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  6. For Oct. 2
    Rollei B35, Plus-X
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  7. For October 3. Canon T70 : 35-135mm Tamron Adaptall II f/3.5-4.5 (model 40A) : Kentmere 100 : PMK Pyro


    Jayah Pnet.jpg

  8. Is that a thing? Do people really do that?
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  9. For the 5th

    Yashica D_004_Boer op het weiland.jpg

    Yashica D HP5
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  10. I would not have phrased it quite so strongly, but this is essentially one of the tenets of my personal philosophy. I despise being forced to roll out of bed and jump immediately into high gear (unless a photo expedition is involved).

    And another lovely example of your work, Rick.
  11. Thank you, Dave. Being a creature of very erratic habits, (governed by the quality of the light, you'll understand), I have either no breakfast or leisurely ones. The establishment pictured is a great place for one of the latter... or should I say latte?
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  12. For the 6th. Exakta Varex IIb : 50mm Carl Zeiss Jena Pancolar f/2 : Kentmere 100 : PMK Pyro.

    A Compression of Cycles

    A Compression of Cycles.jpg
  13. For the 7th.
    Shelby GT 500 in showroom, Minolta XE-5 with 50mm f1.4 MC Rokkor, Kentmere 100
  14. FED1d, FED 50mm f3.5, HP5, Diafine. For the 8th.
    la americana.jpg
  15. Monday October 9th
  16. For Tuesday 10. Mamiya 645 1000s : 55-110mm Mamiya Sekor f/4.5 : Bergger Pancro 400 : PMK Pyro


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  17. 64 Worlds Fair unisphere.jpg
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  18. For the 13th. M4, Summilux, Fomapan 200, Diafine.
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