365 Day Thread for 2017

Discussion in 'Classic Manual Cameras' started by mike_gammill, Dec 31, 2016.

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  1. zorki6 afga 200+ 9-12-17dbw.jpg Tried Afga plus 200 with Zorki 6 with N-61 lens. A nice surprise for me zorki6 afga 200+ 9-12-17d.jpg
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  2. One for Friday 15th. Mamiya 645 1000s : 55-110mm Mamiya Sekor f/4.5 : Bergger Pancro 400 : PMK Pyro


  3. And for today, Saturday the 16th.
    From the Konica C35V and Kentmere 100
    neighbors' cat lounging on my car
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  4. What bresolution do uyou scan at?
  5. I scan at 2400 dpi with Epson V600 and resize it in Microsoft Picture Editor to keep widest dimension just under 1000. I have found since Photo.net was redesigned that that size limit doesn't seem to matter.
  6. I am using epsom V550 at 1600-2400. i was wondering if a lower resolution would get rid of the graininess
  7. You would have to try and see if the lower resolution scan reduces grain without losing too much detail in the scan. You might also adjust developing times as many scanners (at least my V600) pick up less grain if negatives are slightly thin. You don't want to overdo it, though, if you want to make conventional prints later.
  8. I also tend to avoid any sharpening as that will often make grain more noticeable.
  9. For Sunday, the 17th. FED 5b, Industar, HP5, Xtol/Rodinal.
    hidden world.jpg
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  10. For Sept. 18th. Chinon CM-4 & Cosinon 35mm f2.8, FOMA 400 in PMK. At the Duncan Farmers Market.


  11. One for the 19th. Contax RTS : 50mm Carl Zeiss Planar T. f/1.7 : Ilford FP4 Plus : PMK Pyro


    Treasures Pnet.jpg
  12. For the 20th.
    late afternoon apartment parking lot, Konica Auto S1.6, Kentmere 100
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  13. For 24th, Sunday. - Rodo Park in Montevideo, Uruguay. Minolta Autocord, Pan F+ in Beutler.

  14. For the 25th.

    Yashica D_002_Erasmus.jpg

    Yashica D
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  15. For the 26th. Bronica S2a : 50mm Nikkor-H f/3.5 : Bergger Pancro 400 : PMK Pyro



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  16. For the 27th.
    Horseman Woodman 45 Field Camera, 4x5 Arista Ultra 100, 90mm IlexCalumet f8 lens, Rodinal 1+100 semistand.
    [​IMG] by bc50099, on Flickr
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