35MM Point and Shoots - Soaring Prices.

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  1. Asking a question that has been covered before but I think it might be time to revisit due to changes in the market place. I am currently looking for a budget ($75 or below)pocketable 35mm Point and Shoot with a nice classic look.

    I have noticed in the last few years a lot of the "budget" 35mm compacts have skyrocketed in price (XA,XA2,T4,Konica Big Mini ETC) I feel like I should be able to find something in this price range but I am struggling. Maybe I am off base with the price but I would love to hear suggestions. Fitting in my pocket comfortably is important as well as a simple looking camera ( i find the Stylus epic to be a bit modern and also thick when pocketing). Auto functions would be nice but the size of the camera and the glass are most important. Thanks!
  2. Go for "garage sales", there, people are getting rid of their latest analog cams, because they switched to digital, and most of them had cams like you are looking for.
  3. Adding that if you look for a P&S having good reputation on the forums, you will pay 20% cam and 80% (disputable !) reputation, whereas in a garage sale, you may only pay 10%.
  4. I'm finding that garage sales now have very few film cameras, compared to about three years ago. Mostly, people are quitting their early digital P&S cameras, most of which look distinctly past their best. Overall, quality film cameras in all categories seem to be sought after in our local New Zealand auctions, and sale prices reflect this trend.
  5. Not very classic in appearance, but very slim with lens retracted is the Nikon Lite Touch. It has a 28mm f 3.5 lens. Limited DX, though, I think 100, 200, and 400. It is a sharp picture taker though. If you want more classic look, but manual control look at either a Rollei B35 or 35 LED. Both are much lighter than the Rollei 35 and might fit a larger pocket. Although the lens is a triplet (Triotar) is does quite well from f 5.6 on. I would suggest the Yashica T4, but used prices on it are very high. Even an "as-is" parts T4 would probably be over budget. If you like the Konica Big Mini you might consider the previous model: the A4. I've had one since 1990 and it's a great pocket sized camera. DX from ISO 32 to 3200.
  6. I'm finding similar to Rick, the days of numerous people selling their old analog cameras at car boot sales have more or less passed and online auctions are the place to go.
  7. I would also add that vendors that offer used film gear seem to have quite a bit less than they did only a few years ago (like KEH, for example). It pays to check often with places like this as their stock changes often in the film camera offerings.
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    I used to find some good gear at thrift stops (and still do, occasionally) but that seems to have largely dried up. I think after the recession, thrift stores got more popular and picked-over, and prices increased. I seldom bother with Craigslist anymore, either--too flaky and many sellers are just pipe-dreaming on their prices.
  9. None of the thrift shops in my area seem to have cameras. Instead just old clothes, scratched up records, and old phonographs and radios from which the previous owner harvested the tubes first.
  10. I bought my son a Nikon Lite Touch some time ago. I checked and we have still have it here. My wife snaffled it as she is not very computer literate and doesn't like having to come out to my computer and select the shots that she would like me to print. She just wants to shoot the film and then get the prints back. Its now loaded with Kodak Ektra ready for the trip to see our youngest edition to the family.
  11. I think that it has been a long time since 35mm camera production was going on. . Prices are going to keep going up as the supply dwindles on functioning camera's. . Given that our Hospital Thrift shop has a large basket of old point and shoots. They charge $3.00 each, no refunds and no guarantee they will work. . Maybe try some thrift shops if there are any around in your area.
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    I have several, in boxes, with instructions, etc. virtually unused. Bought them for my Wife over the years in an attempt to engage her in photography. If there is interest, I can post a list in classified. She decided early on, if she wanted a photo, she could point me rather than a camera. Still today, only digital.:)
  13. only if the demand stays steady or goes up
    About $3 apiece in the thrift store, as is. The film itself is getting harder to find too.
  14. I just order 120 film from Freestyle Photo in LA. They ship it right out without fail.
  15. Seems to me that some of the early, higher quality, point and shoots go for higher prices than I might have expected.
    Also, half frame, as there aren't so many of them.

    But the later years, as with SLRs, there are so many around, the prices are low.

    Many good cameras are down to $10, including some reliable (likely to still work without CLR) SLRs.
    (I think I got my FTb for about $10.)

    If you want a specific model, and aren't in a hurry, add to your eBay watch list, and it will tell you when one appears.
    Bid low, and you will eventually get one.

    People almost never throw away cameras. Old toys are expected to be thrown out after some years, but not cameras.
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  16. I agree with Glen. Set you sights on a couple of models. Add to your watch list. Be patient. Look for auctions that end during the week rather than the weekend. Watch those shipping prices! They can be more than the camera.
  17. In my opinion paying 200$+ for an Olympus stylus or yashica t4 is crazy.
    Especially when many of the plastic slrs are going for peanuts. I had a Nikon 8008 body I could NOT sell for 10$.
    Frankly, if you want to take snapshots, use your cell phone. If you want to use film, use a real camera.
  18. Many good pocket able models have been proposed. I think the demand (like yours) may be driving it. The declining market makes it exclusive. A convenient semi auto exposure..... but indeed a film camera.. . Film is cool!!
    There's seems to have been a groundswell of interest in shooting film and it comes from all over, people coming back to it and new users looking for other things. The upswing is the market for availability of ...yeahh film. The downside....camera prices!!
    Go for the glass you like best, many already are semi-wide and I like the look of these.
  19. Cameras like the Olympus XA are not P&S although they are compact. People who owned these tend to hold on to them longer. True P&S (those that came out late 80's and in the 90's) people got rid of them rather quick because for these people the digital P&S is far superior to the 35mm P&S. These are very cheap, you should be able to buy them for a few bucks.
  20. I would suggest a Canon AF35ML or Fuji DL-200. I have both, and they're both fine little cameras with decent lenses. They're still cheap online, I guess the hipsters haven't hipped to them (yet).

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