35mm Kodacolor

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  1. A great look back. The Kodacolor articles really make one appreciate how far color negative technology has progressed.
  2. Thanks again Marc, your page is a fabulous resource.

    In this series I liked two especially: the Salomon / Ermanox article, and the Beutler article in 35mm Today. I have been using Beutler for a long time!
  3. Mike - I never realized the difficulties they had with color negative film.

    Julio - Thanks. I like to see examples of photographers overcoming obstacles by use of either tools or techniques.
  4. From what I've read in various back issues of photo magazines, Kodak recommended the user of Kodacolor allow the printer to correct for color temperature errors. By the time Kodacolor-X (along with Instamatics and flashcubes) Kodak now recommended daylight or blue flash for its Kodacolor, Various publications gave filter recommendations, The increase in speed allowed relatively slow f 11 or f 8 lenses to serve snapshot duty for the casual photographer. By the time I started taking photos Kodacolor-X had a box speed of 80.
  5. The Kodacolor article is interesting. They seem to say that you can balance at printing time, but even so, suggest filters to 3800K or daylight, and also that using only one per roll makes printing easier.

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