35 Lux Inspection Question

Discussion in 'Leica and Rangefinders' started by chris c, Oct 20, 2002.

  1. I was checking out a relatively new but used Leica 35 Lux yesterday.
    The price was in line for one of this vintage. Being new to Leica
    equipment I had a simple question regarding what is normal for
    operation of the lens. The lens passed all the obvious tests (Glass,
    cosmetic etc) and the focus ring was smooth as silk. The Aperture
    dial was smooth but seems to drag or when moved quickly let off a
    mechanical grumble or metallic sliding sound. Now I know that this is
    a metallic sliding device and the sound though low is probably ok but
    I thought I would look to be reassured. It would not be a giant step
    to new from this price. The aperture works great but is it to much to
    expect the aperture ring to operate as smooth and quietly as the
    focus ring?
    Thanks in advance....
  2. Chris, can you hold the lens a little closer to your computer so we can hear the aperture ring better? <grin>

    Some Leica apereture rings are quieter than others, some are looser than others. The only one I own that's completely silent is my old collapsible LTM 50 Elmar, which has no click stops. If it concerns you, see if you can get ahold of another sample and compare.
  3. The grumble/slide is not normal and I agree with Jay. Compare it
    to another as Jay said or ask them if they can include a CLA in
    the negotiating price. Be careful.....
  4. Without being able to actually hear and feel what you are trying to describe, I would venture a guess that some grit got under the aperture ring. This is not uncommon. It is also a very simple CLA repair, so you can asjust the price accordingly.

  5. Hey Jay, I don't understand what those guys over at the Nikon forum meant when they said you had no sense of humor..... Actually when I first checked the lens it was outside in Boston on a balmy October day (45-50f) The lens had been outside for a bit and when I checked it again today after it spend the evening indoors it was as smooth but I could not duplicate the sound...So I will figure a CLA as par for the course and assume that the noise was related to the cold temps.

    Thanks to all...
  6. I have a 35 aspheric Lux that I bought from another forum member. It had been cleaned and repaired by Leica, NJ because it had been abused by it's original owner twisting the hood off (as the story went). I went and got it out of the drawer. The aperture is tight and crisp with good clicks into each half stop. It is a fantastic lens. I don't think I've really begun to use its potential. I ended up with it and the 35 asph Summicron as well which I also like a lot. I carry them about equally one or the other. They are only slightly different in nature but it would be hard if I had to choose only one to keep. I had Sherry K clean a 50 Summicron a while back. It was quite reasonable, took a month or so to get back, but the results were worth the wait. Best regards.

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