'32 Stunning Photos Of San Francisco In The 40s And 50s'

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  1. Most excellent photographs from one of the coolest cities in the world:
    The photographer is Fred Lyon and San Francisco is his home town.
  2. SCL


    Lovely shots.
  3. I was born in San Mateo in 1932. Grew up going regularly to SFO until I enlisted in 1952. Helped turn around street cars at Powell and Market. I Went to school in Redwood City and San Rafael. My Uncle was engineer on the GG Bridge when it was built in I think 1937. Rode the ferry before Bay Bridge was built. Went the 1939 World's Fair. Thanks for the memory.
  4. I know Fred. He's an extraordinary photographer and a heck of a nice guy! Dick, I also went to school in Redwood City...
  5. Great photos. Why doesn't anyone do "street" photography like that anymore? Is it just the B/W that makes them special, or the time period, or....?
  6. . . . or perchance their elegant simplicity, Charles?
    I really am not sure myself.
    There is also this quote which appears over one of the pictures: "Although Fred won’t like me to use that word ‘message.’ He says he looks until he likes what he sees and then he pushes that button.”
    In any case, these are great. Thank you, Karim.
  7. The period of time and the ability of the photographer makes these fine images. His interaction with local life is great. Apart from the characteristic street car scenes, the famous bridge and hills, the photos could have been made in any of many large cities of the period. For those without experience of the period or that following it, they are likely quite exotic, with all the neon signs so prevalent then. Mr. Lyon must have been quite young when he made them.
  8. Reminds me that I still think of the intersection of Powell and Market being adorned by the Woolworth's of old rather than the current-day and much more generic-looking Gap.
    Fun stuff to look at. Just saw Vertigo at the Castro Theater, a remastered print. Also a good reminder of what San Francisco used to be like and a good capture of the heart of a city, not to mention one great film.
  9. Brad. Sequoia Union High School. Very nice spacious campus then.
  10. Great shots of the city I remember from my youth. I used to fish off the pier in Fisherman's Wharf. Since shiners weren't good for anything, we used to toss them out of the streetcar coming back through the Twin Peaks Tunnel.
  11. They are great shots,
    but I am a little worried that the Buzzfeed staffer who is posting them doesn't seem to explicitly indicate that this is done by permission of the photographer, though it sounds like he knows him, maybe. Or did I miss something?
    The photos are credited, but no indication of copyright, either, or am I again missing something?
  12. The first photo in the series barely qualifies as the '50s and probably is a 1960 photo as you have two 1960 model cars in the shot, the Falcon and the Olds.
  13. Mr. Hector...
    I'll bet your 1960 Oldsmobile is really a 1960 Chevrolet.
    A. T. Burke
  14. I agree with Arthur's assessment. These are images that appeal, to a great degree, on people's love of nostalgia. Similar images taken today (of which there are many) will not have the same appeal until 50 years or so have passed. This is not meant to detract from the images themselves.

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