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  1. Hi There
    help me out here please.
    I was shooting a christing today on manual(M) mode/ Raw (Canon 35-135mm)
    with my 30D It was working fine at the church.
    At the reception
    to see my f stop at M mode stop working. It was stuck at 8f. No matter how I
    turned the big wheel no responce.Tried another lens Canon 50mm1.8, same
    problem.But stuck at 4.0.
    But when I changed the mode to Av I was able to change the f stop to what I
    wanted. Went back to M mode same problem.
    Checked my Lens with my backup film body no problem.

    What is the problem.
    30D is only a week old

  2. Have you tried again since the christening . . . was your on switch all the way up? or in the middle? when mine is in the middle that happens to me.
  3. A lot of times the f-stop wheel will not work if the power switch is only in position 1 (not the hockey stick position). Why they set it up this way is beyond me.
  4. tks - very simple. push the power switch ALL THE WAY up.

    I don't know why canon thought that this was a very smart design, either!

  5. That's it my friends.
    Turned that switch all the way and now it works
    A big thank you to all
  6. I like the half-way option on the power switch. I tend to bump the scroll wheel by accident,
    so setting the switch half-way ensures that I won't actually reset my aperture in the middle of
    shooting. There's nothing worse than realizing you just massively over- or under-exposed
    the last 10 images you shot - and you can't retake them.
  7. I'm always doing that Anne, so for me a nice safety feature (the second wheel is out of the way so it doesn't happen.)
  8. That switch is there for a good reason. It's to keep you from bumping
    your fstop/exposure compensation/flash compensation in the middle of shooting.

    I rarely lock it off, but it is a good feature that should be on any camera at this price point.

    When all else fails, read the _____ manual!
  9. Joseph I, Apr 09, 2007; 03:26 p.m.

    When all else fails, read the _____ manual!


    FYI-sometimes it's very difficult to find what you are looking for in the manual, if you don't know what you are looking for.

    Not trying to be a smart a$$ but it's true. You can spend hours if you don't know how to reference what you're looking for in the manual.

  10. I just got a new 30D yesterday, and as a tech writer with 20+ years of experience, I agree that the Canon manual is just this side of useless. Unless you know what to look for, you can't find it. I didn't know about the middle position of the power switch either, and thought my camera was busted out of the box, until I sat down and read the 200 pg manual from cover to cover.

    In Canon's case RTFM isn't necessarily the best advice.

  11. I have a canon 30d and the exposure compensation is stuck on -2. With my mode set to manual and set to the second “on” position my wheel won’t change that. Only the shutter and Aperture. So all my photos are basically black. Please help.
  12. So you get -2 compensation even in manual mode? Have you tried a factory reset?
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  13. That is an old camera in digital years. It may be time to upgrade specially if you are doing paid work. Number one requirement is reliable camera. Plenty of reasonably priced models out there new or used, crop or full frame. You owe it to yourself and your clients to have reliable equipment.
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