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  1. I recently acquired a 305 G-Claron as part of a Zone VI enlarger set-
    up. Its in a Copal #1 and the proper Zone VI mount for 8X10
    enlargement. I have no immediate plans to use it as an enlarger lens
    and was thinking I might use it on a Master Tech for portraits and as
    a long lens for rural and suburban landscapes. Is this lens better
    at some distances than others, or is it a good all around performer?
  2. It's a great all-around lens. Use away! Years ago, when Zone VI started selling them as camera lenses, Fred Picker and Richard Ritter tested the G-Claron against the much bigger and more expensive 300mm Symmar, and liked the G-Claron better. Try it, you'll like it!
  3. Joel: This is a fine lens and will cover 8X10 with a ton of movement. The proverbial advice (also given by Schneider) is to stop it down to at least f:22 if you are not using it for close ups, though in my experience that doesn't seem to be the case.
  4. Lucky guy!
  5. Joel, It will rapidly become one of your favorite lenses if you enjoy crisp pictures, and if you wake up some morning with an 11X14 camera you won't have to go looking for a lens! It covers nicely. You're in luck.
  6. G Claron lenses are optimized for 1:1 mag ratios and presuamby work best at that distance or something close to it. But they also work well as general purpose lenses to infinity. Stop down to F22 or smaller. I don't have the 305 but I have the 150 and 210. Both are excellent lenses. Ron Wisner is a big fan of G Clarons and he certainly knows a thing or two about lenses.
  7. Greetings Joel! I have the 305 as well as the 240 and 210 G Clarons and all are excellent lenses. I shoot 8x10 and the 305 is just great for that. I just wish I had an 11x14 to use it on. I am sure that you will find it to be an excellent lens. Good Luck, TY
  8. How does the 305 G-Claron compare to the Nikkor M or Fujinon C in terms of Image circle at infinity? These two are pretty tight on 8x10.
  9. Joel: the G-Clarons are the best all-around lenses i've used in over 30 years in 4X5 LF photography. At present I own/use a 150 and a 305. I use them for most of the stuff I do, especially macro work. One thing I don't use them for is portrait work: they're just too sharp/contrasty; quite unflattering for most human subjects. You will almost certainly enjoy using the 305.

    --Jim McBride
  10. Paul,

    I would expect that the 305 G-Claron with ca. 70+ degrees picture angle offer definitely more image circle than the M-Nikkor (Tessar type) or the Fujinon C (Celor type ?). The latter two are more in the range of 60 degrees picture angle.


  11. Thanks Joerg. I have heard that the numbers given in the spec sheets aren't always relevant. I just found the specs for the
    3 lenses at f22 and infinity:

    G-Claron 305 6L/4G 64¡ 381mm 460g

    Fujinon C 300 4L/4G 66¡ 380mm 250g

    Nikkor M 300 4L/3G 57¡ 325mm 290g

    The construction of the G-Claron with 6 lenses is probably what produces a larger image circle. It probably exceeds the
    number given by Schneider as some mentioned. An interesting thing with the Fujinon is that it uses no glued elements, a
    good point for contrast and color and probably the best of all 3 for 4x5". I have a repro mount 305 G-Claron and I swapped
    the lens elements with the Fujinon to give it a trial. It is very sharp. Schneider say that it must be closed at least at f22 to
    compensate for it's 1:1 optimization when it is used at infinity; this isn't a problem for it is the normal shooting aperture
    for this focal length anyway.
  12. Right, the program changed the degree sign for a j. 64, 66, 57 are the angles of view at f22.

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