300mm APO Symmar vs 360mm APO Symmar

Discussion in 'Large Format' started by czphotos, Jan 19, 2009.

  1. I'm wanting to know what lens would be better for a tight head and shoulder shot. I realize both are heavy and large. Will only be used for indoor portraits with flash on a 4x5 camera. On a 6x6 medium format I liked the results of a 200mm. I like the more compressed image. I have 395mm of bellows but can add extensions if necessary. I get about f32 with 100 ASA out of my flash units. So I'm trying to decide between 300mm APO Symmar vs 360mm APO Symmar. Naturally both are used.
  2. claude,
    i believe the 300mm is already on the limit of making a head shot look flat. i have a 300mm symmar-s and have done a few tight head shot portraits and compared them to a 210mm. to me the 210 gives me a more 3 dimensional feeling which i prefer. have you seen 4x5 shots that you like so that you are in favour of these focal lengths?
    have you looked at a 240?
  3. sorry claude,
    did not read thoroughly and see that you like the compressed image that comes with both the longer lenses. well, then i am the wrong person to comment because i do not like that effect for tight shots.
  4. Either should give you what you want. I sometimes use a 300 for 4x5 to get in close without intimidating the model, 360 seems like a bit too much. I have owned the 360 Apo Symmar and still have the 480 (which won't physically fit in most 4x5 field cameras). Both are very good. The Rodenstock S appears sharper, but does not have as good a tonality and lacks the coverage of the Schneiders.
  5. Thanks for responses. I will have to contact Schneider and see what the rear section outside dimensions of both lenses are. I'm sure the 300mm should fit, not sure about the 360mm.
  6. Hi Claude
    The rear diameter of the 300mm is 80mm and thad of the APO Symmar 360 is 90 mm in diameter!
    Hope it helps, Armin
  7. Thanks Armin. Greatly appreciated.

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