3 Well-Known Beaches in Bali

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    When it comes to Bali Beach, there are many sites which are offered, such as: arts, cultural, natural sources, and great performances. However, from all of those sites, beach may belong to one of the sites which make the tourists come to Bali. The beaches in this island are so popular because of the blue ocean, the golden sand, and excellent corals which make those beaches in the list of the most beautiful beaches in the world. There are several beaches which can be visited when you want to visit there. Nevertheless, there are only 3 popular beaches which are often visited by the tourists. Here are them.

    • Sanur Beach
    Sanur beach is located in one of the Villages in Denpasar, exactly in the southeast Bali Beach. Sanur, including the beach also belongs to the tourist sites which have undergone the well establishments. This area is also known as the first beach resort in this island of Goddess. Sanur beach is quite easy to reach because you just need about 10 minutes to get the location from the downtown, Denpasar City. This beach also belongs to one of the best places for enjoying the sunrise in the morning. Besides that, you can also see the offshore reefs which are helpful for protecting the beach from the strong waves. This beach is also popular for surfing, boating and the other water sports in the beach. When it comes to the accommodations in Sanur beach, you can find the wide range of shops, hotels, restaurants and the other public facilities.

    • Nusa Dua Beach
    Besides Sanur beach, another popular beach is Nusa Dua beach which also have undergone the well establishment. It can be proven that there are many luxury hotels which are built around there. Besides the great establishment, you will also see flowers and plants such as: palm trees, orchids, and fragrant trees which are combined with the blue oceans and the golden sands.

    • Kuta Beach
    Another beach is Kuta Beach. This beach is popular as the great beach for Surfing in Bali Beach. In there, the wave is quite strong and higher so that it will make perfect for the surfers who want to have the water sport. This beach is also crowded by the tourists, especially the foreign tourists so that there are many night performances there.

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