3 or 5 element lens

Discussion in 'Minox' started by gunvids__, Oct 26, 1999.

  1. Does a Riga Minox serial number 11208 have a three or five element lens? Also any idea what year it wasmaufactured?
  2. That 1941 Riga Minox has a 3 element Minostigmat lens
  3. Riga Minostigmat lens was a 3 element 3 group Cooke Triplet type lens. <p> Five element lens with a strong negative element field flattener close to the film plane was used in Minox II. The five element COMPLAN with field flattener was a much sharper lens then Minostigmat, but easy to cause scratches by dust particles caught between the flattner lens and the film. Minox III used 4 element COMPLAN lens with slightly curved film plane.

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