3+ fps point and shoot?

Discussion in 'Leica and Rangefinders' started by jtk, Dec 18, 2007.

  1. jtk


    3+fps bursts from point-and-shooter?

    Leica? Nikon? Contax? Ricoh? ...

    For a specific photo essay, which good point and shoot ...either film OR digital
    ..not DSLR...will do 3 + frame-per-second bursts? Delays between bursts OK...

    I want to do very fast short action sequences...almost like a movie, but higher
    resolution than video....I don't mind shooting a lot of film, if film.

    ...a fast lens would be ideal...if wishes were horses...
  2. 3 fps sustained for how long? Seems to me that would be a rather important question.
  3. jtk


    Rob, I only need periodic short bursts. 15 second pauses in between might not matter...I could even tote two of these cameras, cutting the pauses in half.

    I'm looking for a P&S rather than SLR or DSLR because I want to look unthreatening, like a tourist. Someone's already asked if I was an "investigator."
  4. Maximum burst rate is going to be about 2-3 frames per second for 12 seconds or so with film (much less if using flash), assuming 36 exp films. Then you will have to stop to rewind and change films! I doubt very much that a digi p+s will buffer more than a few pictures at a time before pausing to write to the card.
    Youy might need to get more sophisticated for what you want.
  5. jtk


    Canon AE1 Program supposedly does 4-5fps continuous (F1new approached 12fps continuous) ...silver versions of those plastic Canons always looked pretty touristy..I've got FD lenses but I want something compact with autofocus.

    Changing film is no problem the way I understand my situation..and at the right price I can use two cameras, 72 frames.
  6. The Contax G2 can do 4fps. It is just a tiny step up from a P&S and has great lenses.
  7. jtk


    Raymond, I've read that G2's autofocus is slow by comparison to better P&S, slower than Leica / Contax / Nikon P&S...what do you think? I'm photographing low light action...G2 lenses would be great...

    Can G2 be set for bursts as opposed to click, click, click?
  8. John,

    A lot of digital point and shoots will do 3fps in short bursts with a high-speed mode (where no image review is shown). My four year old Canon A80 will do about 2.5fps but has a frame limit of 3 or 4 frames before the buffer is full.
  9. I don't found the G2's autofocus to be slow. It will do 4fps as long as there is still an exposure left on the film.
  10. John, The G2 (unlike the G1) has a prefocus button in the back where your thumb sits. It
    makes the whole operation faster.
  11. John, if we're referring to the Contax G2 (vs. the Canon G2, a digital p & s), I must agree with Jakob and Raymond that the Contax is very fast.

    It has a small, center-only af sensor, but it is quite quick.

    And the lenses (I've used only the 45/2 and the 90/2.8) are excellent.

    If you don't mind film, and don't mind an "orphaned" line of cameras and lenses, I'd give the Contax serious consideration. Bargains can be had, comparatively speaking.

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