2xMacro-Converter with option to remove glass-element-set

Discussion in 'Accessories' started by michael_przewrocki|2, Sep 5, 2015.

  1. I have the vivitar 2x macro-converter and i want it without the lenses. I once have seen such a converter with option for easy removal of lens-set. where can i find or which brand is that? thanks
  2. Just a thought ... Wouldn't that just simply be a cheap and commonly available extension tube?
  3. Indeed it would be, but I do seem dimly to remember some version of teleconverter that could be thus converted.
    If one is not needing electronics, I'd look for the Vivitar extension tubes, which were well made and came in a nice set.
  4. I guess the OP wants a quality variable-length helical extension tube, which may indeed be a difficult-to-find item. I've seen a new product like this (a bit longer, and with electronic contacts) for sale a couple of years ago, but the reviews were dismal on account of poor mechanical quality.
    I recall some were using the Vivitar without the glass; though I've got no idea how difficult the surgery is, and if there happens to be vignetting with certain lenses (as with some other narrow-holed tubes used on FX).
    Similar TCs used to be sold by Panagor.

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